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Wireless Expense Management: The Simplified Guide

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | October 15, 2019 4:00 PM

You may be asking yourself what is WEM? How can WEM help me and my organization?  Have no fear. Our new website page will guide you through all-you-need to know about WEM and is the 9th reason to go beyond Telecom Expense Management! 

Wireless Expense Management

Did you know that WEM is a subsidiary of TEM? It wouldn’t be hard to figure this out, but with our Simplified Guide to Wireless Expense Management you will find all the resources you need to fully understand the benefits of WEM.  

 What can you find in The Simplified Guide to WEM?  

So much information! To start, The Simplified Guide to WEM splits into 6 sections, each tackling a different subject. The subjects are as follows: 

  1. What is Wireless Expense Management? 
  2. WEM complementing TEM 
  3. Automating to help you with WEM 
  4. WEM – the heart of your digital transformation 
  5. Fixing your wireless inventory management 
  6. Final steps in taking care of your WEM 

Awesome, right? Each section gives you some quick info as well as contains quick links to other documents to further your learning. This guide also includes free ePapers for you to download, a customer story and a link to our Simplified Guide to TEM.  


What is WEM?

How to use The Simplified Guide to Wireless Expense Management? 

First step, you need to know where you are in the process of benefiting from a Wireless Expense Management service. WEM, as you now know, is a special category of Telecom Expense Management, so having a WEM and TEM in the same system would be especially beneficial to you. But no worries, if you want to start by managing just your wireless expenses, you can do that.  

Next, it would be time to see how automation can benefit you when using WEM and address some of the challenges that your company might be facing with business mobility.   

Lastly, the Simplified Guide to WEM gives you easy steps to start you on your way of fixing your wireless expense management. We even list some tools that our platform provides you that would make your life much easier when dealing with your wireless expenses. 


So what’s next? 

Request a demo of course! If you are interested and engaged with the information from the guide, and found it informative, and are starting to really consider a Wireless Expense Management platform; contact us! We would love to schedule a free demo on our platform and show you every potential benefit that your business could reap with the use of our platform. 

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Topics: Enterprise Digital Footprint (EDF), Automation, Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

Written by Caroline Le Brun

Having worked in marketing for 16 years, Caroline has significantly improved Cimpl’s online presence and industry recognition as Marketing Director. Working closely with analysts and highly focused on keeping up with IT industry trends, she is most knowledgeable in the realm of technology and IT expense management best practices. As a passionate, driven marketer, she works side by side with her marketing team to bring Cimpl beyond its greatest achievements.

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