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Why Invest in Wireline Expense Management?

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | June 1, 2016 1:00 PM

Invest in WEM

Ever wondered what wireline expense management can do for your business? We’re going to explore the answer to this question but before we can do that, I’ll first help you better understand what wireline expense management is.

Wireline” refers to the services or assets that functions using a land line.  So using: internet, PBX, Routers, circuits and etc. counts as a wireline services or assets.  Let’s get back to our initial question, (what can wireline expense management do for your business?) wireline expense management enables businesses to be aware of the usage and cost of their wireline assets/services so that they can save time and money by accurately managing its asset/service inventory.  Ultimately, businesses are given detailed knowledge of their consumption which gives them more control over how they spend.  With knowledge comes power; we empower our customers to identify areas where spending is unnecessary which gives greater control and cost savings. 

Organizations often have services across different providers which can be a headache to keep track of because data needs to be fetched in various areas before it can be collated into a report. It’s time consuming to search for the data through various mediums and to keep track of each change that needs to be made.  It is also cumbersome to monitor the impact of cost on deploying initiatives from legacy to UC (Unified Communication) when there are so many different factors to consider.   

Cimpl addresses these challenges by providing an easy way to manage wireline expenses by centralizing services across all providers, tracking changes and monitoring impacts of IT deployment initiatives.  Moreover, Cimpl provides a means for customers to validate supplier invoices so that the organization is paying according to the negotiated contracts. You also get even more control with the ability to allocate usage by department and business units for chargeback of costs.

5 Pillars to Optimize Wireline Cost Savings

Track the Employee Digital Trail 

This principle entails following the frequency and duration that employees access various wireline assets.  This encourages employees to be mindful of the way that they use the resources at work. Tracking the employee’s digital trail keeps a log of the actions taken on assets across cost centers, stores, sites, departments and etc.  The data from multiple providers is centralized in one repository giving access to administrators to at-a-glance dashboards and reports that are automatically upgraded. 

Enable Self-Serve IT Management

Cimpl saves time for organizations by giving employees access to a portal where they can place new orders through pre-approved and role based service catalogs.  It also gives organizations the opportunity to reallocate their resources by leveraging automation across financial and change management processes.

Create a Culture of Cost Transparency

Cimpl creates a culture of cost transparency by allocating usage of assets and services by department and business units for chargeback of costs. Cimpl enables organizations to obtain comparative analysis of spending by business unit and line of business which is extremely useful for analyzing and making better informed decision that can impact the bottom line of the organization.  In addition to that, Cimpl automates financial processes to accelerate payment and reap early discount.

Link Your Integrated Ecosystem

Linking integrated ecosystem allows organizations to aggregate the data so that organizations could get a holistic view across of HR, ITAM, ITSM, MDM, ERP, CRM, discovery tools and etc. Cimpl allows integration and data loads from our repository of more than 250 suppliers to centralize vendor management.

Access Actionable Data Analytics

Cimpl makes data analytics more convenient by providing role-based access, comparative trend analysis and usage visibility per end-user, department, cost center, site, store, location, etc. Through Cimpl organizations can perform various actions (such as assign, allocate, attest, disconnect, transfer and etc.) on wireline services.  Meanwhile attributes and actions are centrally governed by administrators.

Reap the Benefits of Wireline Expense Management:

Financial Management: Your organization can discover cost cutting initiatives and self-fund additional projects.

Business Intelligence:  Your organization can centralize costs, assets, vendor information for better decision making and cost savings.

Inventory and Lifecycle: Your organization can manage complete asset lifecycle with automated procure to pay (P2P) and service desk processes.

Usage Management: Your organization can reduce the volume of the service desk requests for orders and Day 2 activities.

Business Automation: Your organization will get visualization and the ROI of every task performed in Cimpl.

Want to know how a Customer reaped these benefits and what results they got from using Cimpl to manage their wireless and wireline expenses? Access the complete Customer Story.


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Written by Caroline Le Brun

Having worked in marketing for 16 years, Caroline has significantly improved Cimpl’s online presence and industry recognition as Marketing Director. Working closely with analysts and highly focused on keeping up with IT industry trends, she is most knowledgeable in the realm of technology and IT expense management best practices. As a passionate, driven marketer, she works side by side with her marketing team to bring Cimpl beyond its greatest achievements.

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