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Does the Application Still Work on the Smartphone if It's Closed or Deleted?

Posted by Henry Cheang | July 10, 2015 6:30 AM

Welcome to #CimplVision.
Today's topic: We answer a question on mobile management

The transcript:

Hi everyone! I’m Monico, and I’m here to answer your questions on tracking mobile usage with CimplMobile!

Can my users turn off or delete the CimplMobile app by mistake?

Yes, your users can turn off or delete CimplMobile by mistake. When that happens, the CimplMobile system flags it right away. Of course, if you have a mobile device management system that controls CimplMobile, then CimplMobile can’t be removed from their devices. Have a great day!

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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry is a dedicated technical writer, focused on conducting market research, contributing to product design, and writing clear and concise documentation for the company. He is an enthusiastic team member and is passionate about science and technology, who plays a key role in Cimpl’s product messaging. His dedication to writing is reflected in his experience in authoring academic papers, documentation, user guides, and in contributing to Cimpl’s marketing efforts.

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