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Mid-Year Health Check: Is your IT Budget on Track for 2016?

There has been an ongoing trend that asks more organizations to be more productive with the same or even less resources.  How have businesses been adapting to this strategy?  Are they asking us to make bricks without straw? Is there any way around this? The answer is found in IT investment.
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4 Ways Business IT Builds Your Success

Do you know how many businesses there are? Let’s start off with some simple data: There’s more than 1.1 million registered businesses in Canada. They aren’t all directly competing against you, but you all have the same goal: Profit. So, how do you stand out? There are obvious things that help, like having more capital and better marketing. That said, many people underestimate the value of business IT.
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Why You Should Care About Chrome Dropping Silverlight Support

on May 20, 2015 7:00 AM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Technical Support Tips Best Practices Habits
Google’s Chrome browser has stopped support for a lot of plug-ins, including Microsoft Silverlight. Now, why does this matter to you?
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5 Simple but Important Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

on May 6, 2015 7:00 AM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Core Values Work Smarter Tips Best Practices Habits Balance
Do you have a comfortable equilibrium between your work and your private life? Business Dictionary defines work-life balance as:  “A comfortable state of equilibrium achieved between an employee’s primary priorities of their employment position and their private lifestyle. […] the demands of an employee’s career should not overwhelm the individual’s ability to enjoy a satisfying personal life outside of the business environment.”
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How to Become an Effective Communicator and a Great Leader

Effective communication is important, no matter who you are. It becomes crucial if you’re trying to be a great leader (especially at the highest levels. Can you imagine being a CEO, CIO, or some other C-level executive without being a good communicator? I can’t). In all our interactions, we are constantly connecting with each other intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Having a good connection on all those fronts makes everything smooth. 
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Personal Devices are Actively Changing Workplace Transparency

on November 12, 2014 7:00 AM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | BYOD Mobile Devices Enterprise Asset Management 2.0 Work Smarter Apps Habits
American Consumers and Connectivity Based on the 2013 findings of Pew Research, 56% of adults living in the U.S. are smartphone owners. This is a major increase since 2011, where only 35% of American adults were smartphone owners. What does mobile device adoption mean for the marketplace? The Nielson Company says it best, “Device Ownership = Empowerment”. Due to the increased usage of mobile and other electronic devices, consumers have access to more content and therefore more options on essentially everything.
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7 Tips to Optimize Your Fall Telecom Inventory Cleanup

Fall is here. The leaves are changing colour and falling, the kids have been back to school for a while, and it’s now time to prepare for the coming cold months (both physically and mentally). It’s also a good moment to do some serious cleanup: There are leaves to rake and summer toys to (finally) put away. It’d be good to also clean things up at work as well.  Personally, fall is when I tend to clear out paperwork and think of ways to be more efficient.  This second part also extends to doing proper cleanup of your IT and telecom inventory to reduce your expenses!
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Why Shortcut Keys Should Matter to You!

on September 5, 2014 2:00 PM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Tips Best Practices Shortcut Habits
Many of us are so busy dealing with major issues in our workplace that small things we do ineffectively are often overlooked or ignored. While major issues SHOULD be the focus of our attention, focusing on the elimination of minor inefficiencies enables us to optimize our use of time and better allocate it elsewhere.
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Smartphones, Smarter Habits

on August 15, 2014 7:30 AM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Mobile Devices Tips Best Practices email Smartphones Habits
Strategic use of technology is something everyone should practice. Not just the IT department. Over the last little while, I’ve been writing about topics that were largely targeted at IT decision-makers. Today, I’m going to be talking about something that could benefit everyone who has a smartphone (or comparable mobile device): Tips for email productivity!
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