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What About IT Automation for Telecom and Mobility?

IT Cost & Asset Automation Business analytics is the fastest growing category of global IT investment according to Forrester Research. This blog was originally written in 2012, at the time; a study done by Nucleus Research from 2012 found that for every dollar a company invested in business analytics it earned $10.66, that’s a 1066% ROI. In 2014, they found that the ratio increased from $10.66 to $13.01. That is 122% more return in 2 years. This indicates that there is an increasing trend for Business Analytics. Not too shabby. A Telecommunications and IT Management system can provide advanced analytics along with a powerful engine to automate tasks. As companies turn to data and analytics they gain significant visibility into the overall performance of the business. The manual process of turning these insights into action can be an arduous management task on its own. 
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Business Automation: 4 Best Ways to Help CIOs Sell Their Vision of IT

Because technology evolves quickly, one of the biggest challenges faced by CIOs and IT managers is to be adaptable in adopting new IT for the organization’s changing needs. It’s a big job though – CIOs can’t do it alone. If you’re a CIO, you’re going to need buy-in from other departments. Here are 4 strategies to get everyone else on board with your vision of good IT management:
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4 Benefits of the Employee Digital Trail

What is the Employee Digital Trail? On Wednesday, we highlighted both the importance and tenets of IT asset cost transparency. We also noted that asset cost transparency is only the very first part of a broader vision of the business technology future that’s arriving in the near future. Today, we focus on the second part of this grand vision: The rise of the Employee Digital Trail, and the need and benefits of tracking it.
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Deeper Insights on TEM: Valuable Thoughts from LinkedIn Members

on October 29, 2014 7:00 AM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Cost Allocation Audit IT Inventory
There’s a huge source of valuable insights that we frequently miss It’s easy to see industry trends by looking at hard data, but this approach offers no deep insights about people’s more nuanced experiences inside an industry. In fact, we frequently miss critical insights precisely because we don’t take the time to really listen to what people have to say in longer conversations. This is in fact, the entire rationale for having focus groups – it’s a chance to really probe for meaningful thoughts in deep discussions.
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Software Audits: Why You NEED to Care and How to Prepare

…And the answer is, you’re probably not… Ah, software audits. They’re a source of anxiety for organizations, but are, unfortunately, a wholly necessary activity for software creators. Software producers lose at least 10% of their revenue from pirated or unlicensed software use by end users. In concrete numbers, this amounts to $34-64 billion in losses per year for software producers as a whole.  
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What Information Do You Need to Better Manage Your Fleet of Assets?

Connect All Your Technology Assets in One Cimpl Dashboard IT Managers are dealing with many more devices than they can handle, hence increased security challenges like BYOD debates for example. We are not only talking about phones or laptops here, but licenses, printers, monitors, cameras, tablets, VPN tokens, wireless guests, sharepoint, Citrix access, videoconferencing, servers… Add anything a CIO possibly manages.
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How to Link All Your Technology Assets in One Place?

on September 11, 2013 1:30 PM By | Caroline Le Brun | 1 Comment | Employee Lifecycle Audit Tips and Tricks Cimpl Products Reports
Connect it all so you can find anything! IT Managers are dealing with many more devices than they can handle, hence increased security challenges like BYOD debates for example. We are not only talking about phones or laptops here, but licenses, printers, monitors, cameras, tablets, VPN tokens, wireless guests, sharepoint, Citrix access, videoconferencing, servers… I could keep counting.
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Why Simplicity is the Future of IT Management

on September 3, 2013 11:30 AM By | Caroline Le Brun | 0 Comments | Audit IT Expense Management (ITEM)
Cimpl's new Feature Simplifies Audit You are dealing with many more devices than you can handle. They are smaller but more powerful to use. You don't have control on how they are being used. They now open doors to new security challenges within all levels of the company. **sigh** You need something as simple as a hug so you don't go mad.
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Introduction to IT Automation for Telecommunications

on September 21, 2012 3:53 PM By | Caroline Le Brun | 1 Comment | Policies Audit MACD Reports Automation
IT Cost & Asset Automation
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Why You Need a Telecom Audit - Part 2 of 2

on May 30, 2012 9:10 AM By | Patricia Turchyn | 0 Comments | Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Audit IT Inventory
See Why You Need a Telecom Audit - Part 1 of 2 The first step to conducting an audit is recognizing that you may have a problem. Most IT professionals are savvy innovators and lousy accountants. The really good ones recognize it and seek out expertise on carrier billing. Consistent with industry stats, my experience confirms an organization will save between 10 and 30% by conducting an audit of Telecom billing. If you are tasked with conducting an audit and the thought is overwhelming, then here is an approach that will at least get you started. Phase One: Make a list of all accounts for telecom related services invoiced monthly, quarterly and annually. Categorize each invoice, wireless, wire line, infrastructure, managed services, maintenance and so forth. Make a list of all the locations that your organization provisions telecom for including branches, third party, home offices and make note of historical sites that are no longer operational. Locate / source and compile all carrier contracts. Correlate account / location / contract information. This will not be complete at this stage; however, it is the beginning of the identification and inventory creation process. Closed locations are frequently the source of billing issues and low hanging fruit in the audit process. Prioritize your data for review by category. You may want to start with a service type you are more familiar with on which you can cut your teeth before advancing to a data source you are not so familiar with. Source any missing documentation from your carrier on an as need basis. These include customer service or equipment records, inventory records where only summary invoices are provided and missing contracts and maintenance agreements. The audit process like project management, is a continuous breakdown of activities into manageable units of work. With the data in hand, and your priorities accounted for, break each account down further by service within account and by location. Each service should have an assignment or intended purpose. You will quickly identify services that need to be disconnected. Calling, suspending, reviewing HR records, and tracing lines are a few of the auditor’s tactics in determining the validity of the service.
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What Does the CRTC Decision Mean to Telecom Enterprise Clients?

on November 16, 2011 2:00 PM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Audit
Flat Rates vs Usage Based Billing After a roller coaster ride from internet re-sellers and consumers regarding a Carrier's ability to charge usage, commonly known as usage based billing (UBB), the CRTC have now taken the side of the consumer, or at least for now. They have decided that flat rates will remain in place but will start allowing UBB billing models to exist. The full rulling is now available directly on the CRTC website.
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Help! Can’t Breath Under this mountain of Telecom Bills!

on June 9, 2011 10:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Audit Service Providers
Author: Kim Leahy Has a mountain of bills invaded your desk? Are you buried beneath a quagmire of telecom billing issues that are mounting weekly?  Are you hesitant to bring this to your management team to help solution?  After all, it’s just a bunch of recurring charges that anyone with some number sense or a basic accounting background should be able to manage.  And so goes the weekly dredging with no end in site.
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