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The Growing State of IT

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | January 9, 2018 5:00 PM

Growing State of IT

With 2018 around the corner, there comes a need to understand the current state of IT and how to prepare for and take advantage of up and coming technology trends. According to Spiceworks annual report on IT, 44% of enterprises surveyed expect their IT budget to increase, and 43% expect the IT budget to remain the same. With this increase in mind, we know that IT departments continue to play the field and invest in new technology trends.

The state of IT has been growing and evolving, getting bigger and bigger over the course of the past few years and with it has come lots of new technology and some major trends. Things like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Business Process Automation are making its mark on IT plans and major investments. In fact, 80% of enterprises already have some form of AI in the works. The developing popularity of AI and machine learning in particular are even leading to the potential introduction of a Chief AI Officer to the list of c-level executives. These kinds of trends are powerful, and will continue to flood enterprises in 2018.

While IT departments are aiming to get their hands on a lot of these new trends, there’s a lot of work to be done in the back-end. According to AOTMP’s 2017 State of the Telecom Management Industry, IT management practices are significantly fragmented, and businesses lack the visibility over their actual costs. Things like inventory inaccuracy cause enterprises to lose sight of their assets and the reality of their telecom and technology environment.

According to Spiceworks, more than 40% of organizations are currently using IT automation. If you haven’t already invested in some degree of business process automation for your organization, it might be time to reconsider. Implementing automation into your workflows can do wonders for everyday tasks, and inventory management in particular. Automation is bringing businesses significant cost and time savings, allowing you to focus on what’s most important. In fact, 40% of productivity is lost to task switching, meaning that automated workflows can significantly boost productivity. By implementing a solution with automation capabilities, your IT environment becomes that much lighter. Alongside IoT and AI, automation is a key player in not only keeping up with technology trends and investments, but also in running your business as smoothly and effectively as possible.

In order to accommodate the rising IT budget and the many technology trends we’ll see in 2018, a large portion of IT departments, about 45% to be exact, will be increasing staff and getting more IT pros on board. With so much hardware, software, and other technology services out there, IT departments will need a team of well trained professionals to get through the mountains of information and come out with the best possible tech investments. Hardware and software are expected to take up the biggest chunk of IT investment, while hosted and cloud-based services are expected to take up about 21% of the IT budgets.

In planning for 2018, enterprises will want to take into account how important certain kinds of investments will be for future endeavors. IT managers need the right kind of technology to assist them in future investments and proper IT decision making. IT departments will want to really consider IT cost management software, which can help facilitate all future IT decisions, while managing expenses and technology for you all in one. These kinds of investments will prove useful in combatting a lack of visibility over your true telecom and technology environment.

Technology expense management solutions like Cimpl serve as an all-inclusive platform, filled with not only telecom expense management best practices, but also with ways to take back control of your technology. You’ll need a way to maintain a handle on your assets as you embark on your IT journey in 2018, and in order to invest in the right new technologies, you’ll need something that can hold everything together. With Cimpl, all of your IT, telecom, and cloud expenses will be kept under control, and you’ll be able to maintain visibility over your entire telecom and IT environment.

If you’d like to find out if you’re ready to take the next steps beyond telecom expense management, take a look at our TEM checklist. It’ll guide you through all of the key details and elements to consider in making a decision about TEM.

AUTHOR: Victoria Lewin 

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Topics: IT Expense Management (ITEM), IT Budget

Written by Caroline Le Brun

Having worked in marketing for 16 years, Caroline has significantly improved Cimpl’s online presence and industry recognition as Marketing Director. Working closely with analysts and highly focused on keeping up with IT industry trends, she is most knowledgeable in the realm of technology and IT expense management best practices. As a passionate, driven marketer, she works side by side with her marketing team to bring Cimpl beyond its greatest achievements.

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