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Should your Telecom Expense Management Reports be doing more?

Posted by Caroline C. Le Brun | July 18, 2017 5:00 PM

Configurable reports

Typically, getting your hands on the reports you need in a timely manner, for a reasonable price, can be challenging. Many Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers charge extra fees when clients request a report, due to the programming and customization involved to create a report in the backend of the software. Reports are a necessity for many businesses who need a clear-cut view of their data in a sensible way, and being subject to expensive charges is a common problem. Decision-makers who require very detailed reports in order to understand data properly can end up incurring costs and waiting around for long periods of time just to see your own data. “Only 55% of all telecom reporting generated today is considered standard, leaving a significant portion of reporting as ad-hoc.” – AOTMP, State of the Telecom Management Industry 2016.

Now, take a moment to imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to wait around for someone to create your reports. What if you could get everything done yourself? Reports could be configured using filters and calculations specific to detail-oriented values based on your needs without the need to import the data in another tool. Sections and columns could be easily reorganized to fit the kind of report you’re looking for, and you can export your report to Excel as needed. You could even schedule your reports to be sent out automatically to specific mail addresses on a regular basis. And the best part: you can do all of this directly within your Telecom Expense Management platform. With Cimpl, all of this is possible in our platform.


Using Cimpl’s software comes with the ability to create reports and satisfy business requirements quickly and easily. Everything can be done from within the tool, making administrators and managers lives a little bit easier. Fears of expensive reports are non-existent with the Configurable Report tool. You won’t have to contact any external consultants to get a clear view of your data, and you won’t be stuck waiting for extended periods of time just to get that urgent report that you should have requested days ago. Now you can configure your own reports when you need them.


The Scheduler provides a user-friendly system for automating reports to be sent out regularly. You can generate a specific report with your desired parameters and filters, and that same report will be sent out to your targeted audience on the date of your choosing.

Our new configurable reports and scheduler tools capture the essence of two of our brand promises in particular: 1) Save time, and 2) Save money.

  • Save Money: By configuring reports yourself, you won’t incur any costs for complex, detailed reports. You can now create your own and adjust them as needed.
  • Save Time: By making use of our scheduler, you can avoid having to send out the same updated reports over and over again. Sending reports out constantly takes up a chunk of time that could be used elsewhere. Automating your reports will save your administrators and managers time. Configuring reports yourself also saves you the hassle of waiting around for a report. Now you can access your reports the second you create them.

Creating TEM reports has never been so easy! Cimpl has organized a webinar demonstrating all of the benefits you can get out of the Configurable Reports and Scheduler tools. If you’d like to learn more about how configuring your own reports and automating them can be helpful for your business, sign up for our free webinar. The 30-minute webinar will take place on August 9, 2017 at 1:00pm EST.

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Author: Victoria Lewin 

Topics: Telecom Expense Management (TEM), TEM Software, Reports

Written by Caroline C. Le Brun

Directrice marketing chez Cimpl, Caroline, qui travaille dans le milieu depuis 16 ans, a grandement amélioré la présence de l’entreprise sur Internet ainsi que la reconnaissance de l’industrie. Grâce à sa collaboration étroite avec des analystes et à sa connaissance des dernières tendances en gestion des dépenses en TI, elle connaît bien le monde de la technologie et les meilleures pratiques en GDTI. En tant que spécialiste passionnée, elle travaille avec son équipe de marketing pour que Cimpl dépasse ses propres accomplissements.

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