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How Selecting an Evolving TEM Solution is Important for your Company

Posted by Francisco Sanchez | January 31, 2019 3:42 PM

Accessing a clearly defined roadmap to guide you on your path ahead of Telecom Expense Management is the 19th reason to go beyond TEM and manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint.

We are constantly reminded that technology and intelligence are continuously advancing. Advancements like Telecom Expense Management becoming Technology Expense Management are evolutions that help make cost and inventory management more feasible and convenient today. Therefore, taking note and understanding the various solutions that exist to better manage the technological aspects of your company provides a greater benefit to the future of your business.

Participate in the evolution of TEM platform

Your TEM vendor should realize the needs of your enterprise and outline the future capabilities of your technological assets. As saving money is an important factor of your TEM solution, it is important to realize that acquiring these services should not require you to heavily budget it out. Our customers at Cimpl know that not only will they save money as their TEM program evolve with us, but they will also save time and maintain an accurate inventory.

Choosing the right solution would reap benefits for your company as it helps with various services. You want your TEM solution to help you take control and optimize your technology environment. Services such as:

  1. Tracking your wireless, wireline, voice, data, IT and UCC inventory
  2. Processing, loading, and validating invoices
  3. Providing a help desk and client support
  4. Managing vendors and contracts
  5. Identifying potential savings

And more, is what should be expected in a good TEM solution.

These factors are already included in the large range of Cimpl’s services. The 3 main key points of a TEM solution highlights the brand promises of Cimpl’s Enterprise Digital Footprint. They were taken in consideration when designing the five pillars of Cimpl’s framework: Financial management, Usage management, Service Management, Vendor Management, and Reports and Dashboards. With these, Cimpl provides a multi-tenant platform that offers new features and capabilities through regular releases, all blue printed in their defined Product Roadmap.

The Platform That Optimizes Your Company’s Growth

The 2019 Product Roadmap Webinar features Cimpl’s current blueprint for new releases, the highlights of our platform in 2018, and the understanding of our vision behind these enhancements. The Roadmap provides a clearly constructed timeline that summarizes the upgrades and improvements that users can expect from the platform in 2019. It also includes detailed explanations behind the upgrades and optimization of the platform. Each product release is carefully selected based on what’s remarkably essential and highly expected for the best user experience possible. It is important to note that all the improvements presented in the Product Roadmap are included for Cimpl customers – with no extra fees for implementation!

Our Roadmap will allow our customers to realize their gains through obtaining an innovative solution, without having to struggle with budgeting.

Don’t miss the chance to find out more on how Cimpl is leading the revolution in Enterprise Technology Expense Management. Join us on Thursday, February 14th, at 2:00pm ET, for an inside look at plans for this year and the progress we’ve made over 2018.

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Written by Francisco Sanchez

Working as the Product Manager here at Cimpl, Francisco holds a Masters degree in Quality Systems Engineering from Concordia University. His excellent interpersonal skills and the fact that he is a strong team player makes him a great colleague not only in the Product team, but in the company too. Making sure customers can be provided with the best product possible is only one of the ways he strives towards the growth of Cimpl.

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