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Look Up!! Wayyyyyy Up! The TEM Cloud-based Exists!

Posted by Chris Thierry | September 14, 2011 11:00 AM

Author: Patricia Turchyn

Cloud-computing Trends

In this day and age when cloud computing is the trend, mobile device management is becoming a nightmare, and technology is changing every day, how can a company control what their users are costing them in mobile apps, text messaging, roaming charges, data charges and long distance? Unless your company has an unlimited-everything mobile plan, your answer is below.

Cloud Network-28.pngThe answer is in the cloud – the Telecom Expense Management cloud. How would you feel if every month, your employees’ mobile usage would be sent to them and accessible to them anywhere, anytime via corporate email? Wouldn’t you like to see the look on their face when they see their actual spend for the month on their Smartphone? Not to mention, they now know the company is keeping a watch on expenses! “Hmmm”, says the employee, “I guess I won’t be downloading so many apps now that the company knows they are costing them money!”

Wouldn’t you like it if, every month, your telecom bills were all loaded, compared against your current inventory, your AP file was generated and all your employees, department heads and upper management received their monthly expenses – all in a 100% secure environment?  All this, at very little work from you!

With us, it is possible to manage all of your telecom expenses (wireless, wireline and infrastructure) from the cloud. Nothing to install, nothing to support – all you need is an internet connection, and telecom expense management!

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Written by Chris Thierry

Visionary and founder of Cimpl, Christopher Thierry is a dedicated leader in the IT industry. Focused on facilitating businesses in their journeys towards digital transformation, Cimpl’s President aims to deliver a technology expense management platform that evolves with ongoing and ever-changing business needs. In offering and all-in-one, consolidated expense management solutions Christopher is taking businesses beyond TEM to manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint.

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