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What is Telecom Expense Management?

Posted by Caroline C. Le Brun | May 24, 2017 5:30 PM

According to Wikipedia , Telecom Expense Management is defined as merely being “the management of wireless and wireline service and asset expenses,” while Technology Expense Management is defined as “the management of technology costs such as software licenses, computer equipment, applications, etc.”

Gartner defines Telecom Expense Management (TEM) in its IT glossary  as “the practice that encompasses the business processes conducted by IT and finance departments to acquire the provision (and support) of corporate telecommunications assets. TEM is the build-out of services, or the acquisition of third-party services, to manage the supply chain for telecommunications.”

According to Telecom Expense Management for Large Organizations: A Practical Guide, by Luiz Augusto and Claudio Basso, “telecom expense management encompasses much more than just managing telecom bills and contracts.” The book goes on to explain that Telecom Expense Management also involves sourcing, procurement, asset and service inventory management, and much more. Most TEM providers would agree that Telecom Expense Management has been changing. According to the book, “billing systems are just a part of the bigger process,” and in many ways the authors hit this one right on the nose. By combining these definitions, and looking at all of the different tools that TEM is capable of providing, we can paint a clearer picture of what exactly TEM is.

Telecom Expense Management began due to a need to control monthly costs associated with the use of fixed phone lines. Now, TEM has evolved into a management system which helps not only with managing telecom services but also wireless services. In many ways, TEM has come to incorporate elements of both Telecom and Technology Expense Management, often unified into one platform depending on the vendor. You can do a variety of things with a TEM provider if you choose the right one, and making the right decision can allow you to have all of your data and assets managed for you in one platform.

A few vendors, such as Cimpl, will manage much more for you than just telecom. This includes IT, cloud management, Machine to Machine (M2M), and many other assets.  

What is the value of TEM?

At Cimpl, our brand promise is to help you do 3 key things:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Accurately manage a telecom inventory

We do these three things by going the extra mile in order to maximize your ROI:

  • While we do process and validate invoices against the contract, we also provide reports against the inventory and your employee lists, another differentiator of Cimpl from the majority of TEM vendors.
  • We track it all in one solution, provide the visual summaries needed to make the best decision for your telecom environment.
  • We clearly demonstrate the value of Cimpl by tracking cost savings and time savings directly in our platform.

The benefits of using a Telecom Expense Management system such as Cimpl doesn’t stop there! If you would like to learn more about how Cimpl can help you save money, save time, and accurately manage an inventory, check out our free "What is TEM?" ePaper . You’ll understand more about TEM, how it can help you, and why Cimpl is a great solution that drives real results.


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Topics: Telecom Expense Management (TEM), IT Inventory, Save Money

Written by Caroline C. Le Brun

Directrice marketing chez Cimpl, Caroline, qui travaille dans le milieu depuis 16 ans, a grandement amélioré la présence de l’entreprise sur Internet ainsi que la reconnaissance de l’industrie. Grâce à sa collaboration étroite avec des analystes et à sa connaissance des dernières tendances en gestion des dépenses en TI, elle connaît bien le monde de la technologie et les meilleures pratiques en GDTI. En tant que spécialiste passionnée, elle travaille avec son équipe de marketing pour que Cimpl dépasse ses propres accomplissements.

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