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Holiday Wishes from the entire Cimpl Family

Posted by Charline Laroche | December 18, 2018 4:50 PM

Demonstrating our Fun & Family core value through our Holiday Spirit

The Holidays are just around the corner, and you can feel the excitement in our Montreal offices.  Holidays are a special time for everyone, and the Cimpl Family is no exception. They often mean family gatherings, and that’s exactly what we did all throughout December. One of our Core Values is Fun & Family, and the Holidays are one of the many ways in which we live that core value at Cimpl.

Christmas in the Office

We took many opportunities during the month of December to acknowledge and recognize our colleagues’ and their families’ involvement and support throughout the year, as they’re the most important part of who we are at Cimpl.

Our Way of Thanking our Colleagues’ Families for their Ongoing Support

Our December started with our annual Kids Christmas Party, hosted in our offices. It’s everything you can imagine: snacks, activities, animals, science tricks, presents and, of course, Santa and his elves. Our colleagues and their families were invited for an afternoon of fun and magic to get the Christmas Season started.

Kids Christmas Party at Cimpl

And you didn’t need to have kids to participate! “My daughter is long grown up and doesn’t participate in the ‘kids’ activities anymore, but I come every year to see how the kids are growing,” shared a colleague. Some other colleagues came to help out, and others just for the fun or hanging out with the parents!

Kids Christmas Party at Cimpl

The event was a hit, and families enjoy it every year. Aside from the presents and the activities, some colleagues shared why the event is so important to them. “Each year, my girls get to see where I spend all those days when I’m not at home,” one other colleague said. “They get to see who I work with, what I do and I feel like it reassures them because now they understand.”

Our Way of Thanking Our Employees for All Their Hard Work

Don’t get me wrong: what happens at the Office Christmas Party stays at the Office Christmas Party. What I can say is that we all had a great time. From the great food to the gift exchange to the karaoke, the event had something for everyone.

Each year we look forward to the Christmas Party. It’s the time for us to get all dressed up, take pictures with our colleagues and make memories that’ll last at least until the next Christmas Party.

Christmas Party at Cimpl

What Would Holidays Be Without Food?

If you know us, you know we love food, and it’s a known fact that Holidays often translate to food comas. So, we thought, why not start the party earlier?

We kicked off a week of Holidays Celebrations with a Christmas classic: the Panettone. We love those food-based events because they gather everyone in the kitchen, the same way a classic Quebec party would.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: The Holiday Spirit at Its Best

The week before Christmas was packed with activities and surprises, but the most memorable day was without a doubt our Ugly Christmas Sweater Tuesday. Many participated and wore their best (or worst, should I say) Christmas Sweater to work and graced the office with their Holiday spirit.

Cimpl Team

The event put a smile on our faces and gave us unforgettable GIFs and incredible pictures. This was a first time for us, but it will surely become a tradition!

You Can’t Have a Christmas Without Pajamas, Right?

Holidays are for hot chocolate, movies by the fireplace and mornings in bed with the entire family. The common denominator for all of that? Pajamas. You can’t have a Christmas without pajamas, right?

That’s right: we hosted a Pajama Friday just before Christmas, where everyone wore their PJs to work. From onesies to flannel to matching sets, pajamas were in fashion! It was the best way to send off our colleagues into the Christmas vacation.

All of this just to say that we love our Cimpl Family, and we wanted to share the love and make sure each member of the Cimpl Family could get a piece of that Holiday Spirit. And that brings us to you: by reading this blog, you’re officially part of our family. Welcome to our world!


With the Holiday Season just around the corner, we wish you health, happiness, success, and a very happy new year, from our Family to yours. See you in the New Year!

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Topics: Core Values, Company Culture

Written by Charline Laroche

Charline started at Cimpl as a marketing intern in 2015, and came back full-time to the company in the beginning of 2018 after finishing her master’s in communications and marketing. At Cimpl, she is in charge of the online presence, managing the social media profiles and Cimpl’s website and blog. Charline built her experience by helping various start-up companies, supporting them in creating their website, social media profiles, brand image and general marketing strategies.

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