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Cimpl Braves a Thunderous Storm to Ride the Big Bike for Charity!

Posted by Henry Cheang | June 6, 2014 8:00 AM

We rode the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation again!

On Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014, 20 Cimpl employees rode the 29-person-capacity Big Bike to raise money and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. This was our fourth year doing it, and this year we raised over $4,300. Raising that money meant that, ultimately, we had to ride that giant bike through a massive, thundering storm. 

Etelesolv rides the Big Bike


Yes, you read that correctly. We rode a giant, electricity-attracting metal bike in the cascading monsoon-like rain even as the thunder kept on crashing down, drowning out all other noise. 

We did it, and we’re proud to have done it. Why?

Well, the high-level reason is that heart disease is one of the major scourges in our country, and we need to raise more money to understand it and fight it.

Some alarming facts about heart disease

By this point, if you’re Canadian, it’s virtually impossible that you haven’t been touched by heart disease. You either have heart disease, have lost a loved one to it, or have 9 out of the 10 major risk factors for getting heart disease. You need to know that:

A more deeply-personal connection

Sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it? These are all facts that we all need to heed, and for which we need constant reminders. We simply cannot afford to do nothing about heart disease – to do so invites some pretty horrible consequences.

For us at Cimpl, the point about deaths arising from heart attack happening outside of healthcare facilities is especially poignant. A few years back, one of our colleagues actually died from a heart attack, right here, and at work. It affected everyone in the company, and it was tough.

And that’s how Cimpl began to raise awareness and money for the fight against heart disease with Big Bike. It’s a way to honour a fallen friend’s memory while doing some real good at the same time. It costs serious money to fund medical research for the disease, and it also costs serious money to help care for the survivors of heart disease. Contrary to the popular saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, heart disease only makes you weaker.

At least, it does for now. It’ll likely take a very long time and a lot of difficult research before we can figure out how to make heart disease a (more) minor ailment. But I’m hopeful. We’ve always found a way to overcome our greatest challenges. All it ever took was time, effort, and dedication. We at Cimpl have all three, and we hope that our example will inspire you to join the fight against heart disease as well. 


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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry is a dedicated technical writer, focused on conducting market research, contributing to product design, and writing clear and concise documentation for the company. He is an enthusiastic team member and is passionate about science and technology, who plays a key role in Cimpl’s product messaging. His dedication to writing is reflected in his experience in authoring academic papers, documentation, user guides, and in contributing to Cimpl’s marketing efforts.

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