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Cimpl at La Ronde: Fun under the Sun!

Posted by Henry Cheang | July 18, 2015 12:00 PM

*Please note that Etelesolv changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016.

Many of our Cimpl members and their families got together on a sunny June Saturday for a whole day of fun at La Ronde, offered by Cimpl! This was an unexpected surprise for some of our Cimpl kids, who spent the day with their parents riding roller coasters. Think theme parks are exclusively for kids? Think again because the adults enjoyed the park as much as the kids did.

Laronde Fun

The day was suggested and organized by Cimpl’s Social Committee, which has wanted to offer a big family activity to their fellow Cimpl co-workers for a long time. La Ronde was the perfect activity that pleased people from all ages.

As some stuck to the less “thrilling” roller-coaster, others were thrill-seekers looking for the biggest and fastest roller coasters at the park. Obviously, others spent the day challenging each other to ride the scariest roller coasters they could find (and we’re not going to lie, some kids did scarier rides than the adults). Everybody had a load of fun, and that’s what is important for Cimpl!


At Etelesolv, we know that a healthy balance between work and life is important and is strongly advised as displayed by company policies. We also understand that our Cimpl employees have many responsibilities outside of work, from being a parent or a gym-addict. Of course, we believe that it wouldn’t be as special and fun without families being present, which is why Cimpl invited every employees’ family.

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Our Cimpl team pushes themselves to work hard and execute the tasks that are presented to them. Cimpl takes pride in its employees’ determination, hard work and devotion, and wants to reward them and show gratitude as much as possible.

After all that hard work, fun is of course mandatory. The Social Committee at Cimpl finds new ideas and activities to entertain and help the Cimpl employees to relax.

Core Values

Fun and Family is one of the company’s Core Values. These Core Values drive and guide Cimpl through their work. At Cimpl, we work hard, but we also play hard as displayed by the various activities we take part in throughout the year. The company is like an extended family; having fun and a genuinely positive atmosphere at all times makes the journey enjoyable. Our IT and telecom expense managementcompany also encourages work/life balance and a culture where all help each other in good and bad times.

We’d like to give a special thank you to the management team and the social committee for making this happen.

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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry is a dedicated technical writer, focused on conducting market research, contributing to product design, and writing clear and concise documentation for the company. He is an enthusiastic team member and is passionate about science and technology, who plays a key role in Cimpl’s product messaging. His dedication to writing is reflected in his experience in authoring academic papers, documentation, user guides, and in contributing to Cimpl’s marketing efforts.

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