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A Corporate Policy for Wireless Usage?!

Posted by Patricia Turchyn | January 6, 2012 10:00 AM

Is using your Company Phone for Personal Use Ok?

Is using your corporate phone for personal use ok?

In this day and age of mobility, most people take for granted that a cell phone or PDA of some type will be included when they accept a job. Some companies use this as leverage, as a “bonus” of sorts for their employees. Some employees don’t care about usage because “It’s ok, the company pays, and no one really sees the charges anyhow”.
We all do it – all the way up the ranks, right to the top – but let’s face it, is it really “OK”?

  • What are the limitations of an employee’s usage?
  • Are $$ limits imposed for long distance charges? Text messaging?
  • What is considered abuse?
  • How do you detect abuse?
  • Does your company have policies in place, guidelines?
  • What is considered “acceptable use” for a corporately-paid mobile device?
This is a problem that 90% of today’s companies have to face. Of course everyone will authorize the use of a corporate mobile device in emergencies, but where is the cut off? Is it okay to use my company phone to text my kids? Is it okay for the kids to call my company phone to let me know they are home from school? Is it even the company’s business who is calling me or texting me? Or, who I am calling or texting? Even if I AM on company time! Treading into employee-privacy issues is not the most fun of tasks to tackle. The line between employee-privacy and corporate-ownership is quite clear, but no one wants to open the proverbial can-of-worms and get HR involved.
Most companies take the easy way out by leveraging their corporate plans to off-set the cost of over-use. How do you leverage your corporate plan to give your employees more, while not incurring more charges?  
  • Voice minutes – consider minute pooling options
  • Text messaging – an unlimited texting plan costs about $5.00 while texting costs an average of 0.15$ a minute. Do you think your employee will send 33 text messages in a month? If so, a simple $5.00 will avert extra charges
  • Tethering – costs for tethering are astronomical if you don’t have a plan. Luckily many people don’t turn to this option, but it only takes a few to make your monthly cost skyrocket!
  • Is your provider corporate contract up for negotiation? Even if the contract is going to be renewed within a year, now is the time to analyse your costs, what can be improved and add these options to your new corporate contract

One of the easiest ways to round-up all these extra costs and the usage charges is by getting a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Software. This is a one-stop shop essential for controlling telecom costs, getting an overview of what is being used, versus what is not being used. Reporting will give any Department Manager to VP the telecom costs for his department at a glance. A monthly mailing tool would send users the view on their usage, their plan and even the cost if needed.

And, there you go: Company-wide awareness on Telecom Expenses! Contact us to learn more.

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Topics: Wireless management, Usage

Written by Patricia Turchyn

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