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What Does the CRTC Decision Mean to Telecom Enterprise Clients?

Posted by Chris Thierry | November 16, 2011 2:00 PM

Flat Rates vs Usage Based Billing

Pressing phone.jpgAfter a roller coaster ride from internet re-sellers and consumers regarding a Carrier's ability to charge usage, commonly known as usage based billing (UBB), the CRTC have now taken the side of the consumer, or at least for now. They have decided that flat rates will remain in place but will start allowing UBB billing models to exist. The full rulling is now available directly on the CRTC website.

So what will it mean for companies?

The simple answer is nothing. Yet.

What we are reminded of during these CRTC sessions is that UBB will eventually become a reality. Carriers are ultimately going to need to handle the traffic growth in the years to come and the all-you-can-eat buffet can only go so far.  So as billing models between carriers and their re-sellers start to change, some of these changes will be trickling on to your invoice very soon. 

With this in mind, corporations need to watch their invoices. Telecom Expense Management solutions, such as TeleManager, will help identify any variations. Changes in CRTC rulings sometimes take a while to work their way into the processes and discrepancies may occur between what was initially contracted and actually charged. Carriers for their part may be aware of the changes, however due to the complex nature of enterprise billing, the modifications can take some time before showing up in the final invoice. 

In the world of telecom regulation, nothing is simple. A plethora of regional, technological, and time exceptions abound. The best protection for enterprises is a diligent audit process that checks every bill, every month.  Knowing what services you own, what they do, and where they go is not only a best practice, it’s one that can save you money.  

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Written by Chris Thierry

Visionary and founder of Cimpl, Christopher Thierry is a dedicated leader in the IT industry. Focused on facilitating businesses in their journeys towards digital transformation, Cimpl’s President aims to deliver a technology expense management platform that evolves with ongoing and ever-changing business needs. In offering and all-in-one, consolidated expense management solutions Christopher is taking businesses beyond TEM to manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint.

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