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Intimate Look at Cimpl’s Culture

Posted by Chris Thierry | October 27, 2011 9:00 AM

Core Values: Our Lifetime Investment 

In the last few years, Cimpl has been on a rapid growth curve with the addition of new clients, partners, and employees.  Aligning all these interests has been an intense sprint in planning, strategizing and focusing efforts in right place, at the right time.

coreValues_PPT-2.jpgHit with the reality that Cimpl had a culture, we set about trying to understand what exactly we had in the culture of our best employees. What made them the best? What personality traits did they have? Were we subconsciously looking for these kinds of people ? We decided that we should make it a criterion to hire the right people that already fit with our culture, instead of trying to change them into fitting into our culture.

Last March, we presented to all our employees the Core Values that distinguish Cimpl from other competitors. All of them were greatly acclaimed and we are continually experiencing their importance in our everyday operations.

We’ve also created a Core Value page on our website so that you can refer to it at any time. Our Core Values are:


We want to open up our comments section to all of our clients, partners, suppliers or anyone else that has had contact with Cimpl's telecom expense management company  in the past. We want to hear your stories. Just use the comment section below to tell your story of how we’ve influenced you with our Core Values in the way we’ve interacted with you.

We look forward to reading your stories. Stay tuned for more Core Value Stories and learn how we’ve embarked on an investment that will last a lifetime.

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Written by Chris Thierry

Visionary and founder of Cimpl, Christopher Thierry is a dedicated leader in the IT industry. Focused on facilitating businesses in their journeys towards digital transformation, Cimpl’s President aims to deliver a technology expense management platform that evolves with ongoing and ever-changing business needs. In offering and all-in-one, consolidated expense management solutions Christopher is taking businesses beyond TEM to manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint.

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