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Wireless Device Update: Smartphone vs Superphone

Posted by Patricia Turchyn | September 29, 2011 9:00 AM

Author: Patricia Turchyn, Project Management, Cimpl

Cell phone, Texting phone, Blackberry, PDA, iphone, Smart Phone, and now SUPER PHONE! How many names do we really need for a “mobile”?

Being a project manager of a TEM, you’d think I’d heard it all. Imagine my surprise when the other day, I heard the newest and hottest devices were “SUPERPHONES”. Oh, come on! Really?

Smartphones vs SuperPhones

Remember when a cell phone was a cell phone? It was a simple creature: make a call, receive a call. Slowly, you could see the improvements: call display, voice mail, text messaging, SMS messaging, camera, and Bluetooth to name a few.

Research In Motion (RIM) came up with the “Blackberry” – which had all the functions of a cell phone, AND the capability of sending/receiving your email messages too!  With the years, the evolution progressed: manufacturers came out with Blackberry “look-alikes” which we called PDAs, then Apple came out with the iPhone.

Even though a Blackberry is a Blackberry, and an iPhone is an iPhone, both terms encompassing different models and versions but bottom line if you have an iPhone, you don’t have a Blackberry, and vice-versa. If you have a cell phone, you really DO have a cell phone (that basic creature we used to hear about all the time) – it doesn’t matter who makes your cell phone: a cell is a cell is a cell.

What is the difference between the Smart Phone and Super Phone? Looking online, everyone is comparing them to superheroes! A Smart Phone is not as “smart” as a Super phone apparently.  For those of you who really want to know the difference (and care), here you go:


  • Access to apps – can handle a few apps without slowing down the device
  • “Boxier” device & has “buttons”
  • 2G & 3G (sometimes) access
  • Made for users who are happy to occasionally use the internet feature on their phone
  • Display is normal, like a digital-cable TV


  • Access to any kinds of apps – can handle many apps without compromising performance issues
  • Sleek touch-screen device
  • 3G, 4G and above – including wifi
  • Display is beautiful, bright like an HD-TV

Hmm... in reading what I wrote above, it really does sound like the Smart Phone is a rather dated creature and the Super Phone is the “newest”, “sleekest”, “bestest” (as my kids would say) device around.

What do you think? 

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Topics: Wireless management, Mobile Devices, Smartphones

Written by Patricia Turchyn

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