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Why Wireline needs Telecom Expense Management

Posted by Chris Thierry | August 25, 2011 9:00 AM

Wireless vs Wireline

The hardest to manage, but the easiest to comprehend is wireless carrier billing. Wireless is compartmentalized, predictable and there is a sequence of events that are much simpler to develop TEM software to manage. There is a linear relationship, device – service plan – user. However, it is the sheer volume and disposable nature of the hardware, combined with runaway costs that necessitate the use of TEM for corporate liable wireless management.

Wireline and wireless costs alike

Yet wireline is truly a puzzle; as soon as you think you have it figured out, the carrier (or CRTC) throws a curve ball and you are fraught with the perplexity of the data presented, trying to fit the puzzle together. It may explain why I love to do Sudoku.  I am convinced Sudoku’s creator was a telecom-billing expert!

I recently had the opportunity to commiserate my experience with a fellow telecom billing analyst and she so poignantly phrased it, ‘you just instinctively know” how it all fits.  No doubt this instinct is predisposed on experience.

The Early Challenge of Reducing Costs

Early in my career, (the number is immaterial) I inherited the problematic challenge of reducing costs to meet a budget deficit.   I voraciously attacked the carrier invoices and contracts that dominated my workspace (remember it was all paper back then), and I was immediately reduced to tears.  Interpretation was the issue, yet I knew instinctively, there was gold in them there bills.   Wireless was simple; demand the carrier produce a usage report  - reduce and eliminate based on the report.  But wireline….  I have called so many numbers in my career that I have worn the pads on my fingertips.  Audit always starts with the invoice and you work backwards.

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Consequently I developed an appetite for challenging EVERY charge I saw on a carrier invoice.  I’ve poured over equipment records a mile long and attacked each carrier portal intent on breaking it. And I have recovered and reduced hundreds of thousands of dollars for corporations over the years.  Audit and recovery is a long and painful process.  And just when you think you have it in order, something on your desk  - an anomaly - catches your eye, and you are back into it again! 

I was first introduced to Telemanager product while on contract with a major insurance company.  I decided then that I wanted to work for the creator of Telemanager.  2 ½ years later the opportunity was presented and I seized it.  A far cry from spreadsheets, equipment records and inefficient carrier provided billing portals; a relational database system is rapture! I continue to be amazed at the quality and complexity of billing I see from not only Canadian carriers, but American as well. My fascination with wireline billing hasn’t decreased, but working with Telemanager is fodder for my preoccupation with finding gold in carrier billing.

Telecom Expence Management is a must for any medium to large organization, whether it is trying to manage wireless, or deciphering wireline.   There are always savings to be realized.  

What are you waiting for? Start panning for gold and contact us today!

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Topics: Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireline Expense Management (WEM), Challenges, Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Written by Chris Thierry

Visionary and founder of Cimpl, Christopher Thierry is a dedicated leader in the IT industry. Focused on facilitating businesses in their journeys towards digital transformation, Cimpl’s President aims to deliver a technology expense management platform that evolves with ongoing and ever-changing business needs. In offering and all-in-one, consolidated expense management solutions Christopher is taking businesses beyond TEM to manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint.

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