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Help! Can’t Breath Under this mountain of Telecom Bills!

Posted by Chris Thierry | June 9, 2011 10:00 AM

Author: Kim Leahy

Has a mountain of bills invaded your desk?

Mountain of Telecom Bills

Are you buried beneath a quagmire of telecom billing issues that are mounting weekly?  Are you hesitant to bring this to your management team to help solution?  After all, it’s just a bunch of recurring charges that anyone with some number sense or a basic accounting background should be able to manage.  And so goes the weekly dredging with no end in site.

Telecom billing is no ordinary invoicing system and repeatedly slotted as a clerical role. The reality is that the skill set requires a combination of telecommunications knowledge, accounting basics and analytical skills!

If you find yourself in the position of underperforming when it comes to managing the onslaught of Telecom billing issues that come your way each and every month, what is stopping you from asking for help?

Do More with Less

In today’s workplace, we are constantly asked to do more with less, and consequently we are forced to prioritize and consistently the most urgent issues are the tasks that will get your attention.  Even a huge backlog of invoice reconciliation is easy to put off and we have the option of paying now and reviewing later.  But later never comes and so the problem mounts and the loss of revenue, unrecoverable. At some point the fear of exposure – your neglect of a known and costly issue has you burying the evidence, or delaying the discussion with your manager.  Too often billing issues come to light with a change of ownership or accountability.  A new person comes in, completes a quick audit, and with exposure and an estimate of monetary loss, the resources are made available to deal with the problem.

But why not deal with it on your watch…..  and make this your success, and not your failure?

There are several options for acquiring outside help to right size your telecom expenses.  Several commercial operations specialize in telecom billing and expense management.  Each offers a unique approach and one may just be right for your organization.

Auditing Firm

You can list the services of your carrier billing department to audit your accounts.  Fees range upwards of $100/hour depending on the current spend and relationship with your carrier organization.  Working from the inside can expedite the process, and has the potential of providing good value.  Alternately, a change in your dedicated billing team (assuming you have one) can improve matters immensely.

Audit firms with a wealth of regulatory knowledge often ask for compensation that includes a percentage of the recovery, or future savings.  Tread cautiously as there may be more cost effective ways of getting the results you need.

Several firms contract out ex-billing specialist – many having taken early retirement.  There is a training opportunity for you and your staff that shouldn’t be overlooked if you exercise this option.

Telecom Expense Management Provider

If you have a long term vision, consider deploying a Telecom Expense Management known as TEM Software. Invest in your own staff, or you may want to consider a tier-2 or tier-3 engagement that provides expert resources to assist with managing the platform and the service asset.

American Businessman R.H. Grant said, “When you hire people that are smarter than you are, you prove you are smarter than they are.”

So I ask, “How smart are you?  Don’t you think it’s time to come up for air?”

Download our Managed Services Checklist to assess what Telecom Expense Management expertise you might need.  


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Written by Chris Thierry

Visionary and founder of Cimpl, Christopher Thierry is a dedicated leader in the IT industry. Focused on facilitating businesses in their journeys towards digital transformation, Cimpl’s President aims to deliver a technology expense management platform that evolves with ongoing and ever-changing business needs. In offering and all-in-one, consolidated expense management solutions Christopher is taking businesses beyond TEM to manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint.

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