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What is the cost of an employee to the organization?

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | November 1, 2012 11:55 AM

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Here I sit, yet again, on a flight – this time to Toronto and I am finally going to make good on my word to my wonderful marketing team and start my blog. The first of many I hope.  

Although the trips are many, they are always rewarding as I have the privilege of not only meeting customers and understanding their business objectives and how we can help – but truly being a part of something unique and exciting.  

When I started in this industry many years ago (nope, not going to say how many), it was simple. Invoice is wrong, it needs to be verified and I need to know what we own because we are going to RFP. For many years, many companies addressed exactly that. It was a great starting point for an industry in its infancy. But, as time went on, I started to see that customers were starting to look for more – but weren’t sure where to find it.

So I have set out on this adventure and talking to customers and trying to get an answer to 1 simple question – What can we do make your organization better?  I know – open ended question. But it was designed to be exactly that because as I quickly started to hear, and customers started to realize, this was not a clear cut answer.  

Yes, the most popular answer is “cut costs”, and everyone’s initial solution is “if I reduce the invoice cost – mission accomplished”. Although partially true, what I realized in talking to the “bleeding edge” of the industry is that invoice cost cutting is merely a pillar in a completely automated process and that in automation there lies not only savings but process improvements that just can’t be realized through the old “manual” way. Oh my god, would you look at that – it’s not all the fault of the service providers!

This has led me to “blog” about the first area where we have listened and currently help our customers – with their employees. Our objective is to answer the age old question of “What is the cost of an employee to an organization?

A company’s largest investment is in its employees, so why would we not protect this investment? Why would we not create awareness when employees are exceeding budgeted costs? Why would we not empower managers to view each employee at any given time and understand their cost to the organization? Why would we not let every user in the organization see their costs – at anytime? And finally – why would we not automate this?

Here’s the kicker – it’s not only for Telecom! I know – bold, even shocking. Employees have PC’s, VPN tokens, Air Cards, Printers, Desk Phones, etc., and guess what? Yup, these all cost money! More importantly, they cost even more when the employee leaves and all of these assets are left unattended. Traditionally, these have all been managed through different systems, but here’s a little secret - they don’t have to be!

I’ll save you the entire sales pitch but this is being achieved through Cimpl’s telecom expense management solution today, and it is automated. It’s what I like to call the intersection where Financial Transparency meets Inventory Management.  An approach I like to think is unique and that I am proud and excited to be a part of.

When a new employee starts, or when an employee leaves, or when an employee changes departments – what happens?


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Topics: Cost Transparency, Telecom, Employees

Written by Caroline Le Brun

Having worked in marketing for 16 years, Caroline has significantly improved Cimpl’s online presence and industry recognition as Marketing Director. Working closely with analysts and highly focused on keeping up with IT industry trends, she is most knowledgeable in the realm of technology and IT expense management best practices. As a passionate, driven marketer, she works side by side with her marketing team to bring Cimpl beyond its greatest achievements.

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