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Why You Need a Telecom Audit - Part 1 of 2

Posted by Patricia Turchyn | April 25, 2012 1:46 PM

telecom audit

How to know you need one..

  • You do not maintain an inventory of telecom services
  • You feel like you are reading Greek when perusing a carrier invoice
  • You blindly approve invoices because they are within 10% of the previous month’s charges
  • The stack of paper invoices on your desk has exceeded 20 cm
  • You rely on your telecom provider to tell you what you have, or diagnose the source of a network outage
  • Your company has acquired a number of companies over the past few years and the temporary integration tactics are now permanent or long forgotten
  • Your budget process relies solely on last year’s spend to determine the next fiscal operational budget
  • You do not recognize even 1/10th  of the assignments on your wireless invoice
  • You cannot fend off your senior management’s request for information any longer…

Why you really should..

Conducting an audit will help bring clarity to your telecom environment and allow you take back control of these costs. By organizing all your cost data in a way that you (and even the senior managers breathing down your back) can understand, you can begin to start managing these costs effectively.

The Result:

  • You will be commended by your management for reducing costs….
    • 10 to 30% reduction in costs related to erroneous billing
    • Stop paying for unused services
    • Eliminate late fees
  • Start accessing your information – And understand what you’re looking at!
  • Release funds for other projects
  • Streamline budgeting, ordering processes, and repairs
  • Release content sharing opportunities for innovation
  • Identify fraudulent activities and potential threats
  • Facilitate the RFP process
  • Start measuring and enforcing policy

Enter: Telecom Expense Management

Consider a Telecom Expense Management solution as the final step in the audit process. TEMs offer a multi-dimensional approach to Telecom management incorporating:  

Inventory – Know what you have

Invoice – See what the carrier is charging, and for what services

Contract – Validate that your charges match your initial agreements

HR – See who has what and where

Reporting – Cost Visibility, Exception Reporting, and Budget Alignment

Process – Gain efficiencies in telecom life cycle management

Financial – Pass off financial data with A/P and GL interfaces


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Feel free to ask us anything about telecom audits and how Telecom Expense Management can be implemented into your organization.

What is Telecom Expense Management?


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Written by Patricia Turchyn

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