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Video Case Study | A Large Multinational Bank

Posted by Martin Sommer | March 22, 2012 2:29 PM

Expanding Beyond a Telecom Expense Management Solution

This case study will examine a unique system deployment for a Large Financial Institution. The bank was seeking a solution that needed to address:

Deployment Factors

We were commissioned to engage all 3 components of the system and to extend the capabilities from the company’s flagship product Cimpl, a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and ITSM system to include internal business processes.

Some of the key deployment factors were:

  • Legacy in-house telecom management system
  • IT security policies
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Expanding capability beyond Telecom Expense Management


The system was deployed in 2 phases from an initial implementation in 2006 to encompass a broadened solution in 2011. The initial deployment included launching a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) system that strictly adhered to the bank’s IT security compliance policy.

In 2006 the solution was deployed to manage 70,000 telecom assets and automate employee transits. The initial audit and data transfer from the legacy system revealed and identified unused services; this resulted in immediate cost savings.

Once the system was in place, employee transfer activities were being automated to manage employee lifecycle. In addition, Telemanager was now validating and processing invoicing. Overall cost transparency was dramatically improved and expense reports were being distributed across the organization.

In 2009 Etelesolv (now Cimpl) was commissioned to ramp up its solution to include IT assets and significantly increase assets and services managed with Telemanager. As part of the expansion of the solution, we were tasked with training 36 bank employees who would administer the system.


The solution had continually achieved greater levels of automation, resulting in automating more than 3000 transfer transactions; this saved the company 330 man hours with 150 employees actively using Telemanager. In addition, over 60 different types of services were managed under Telemanager and more than 70,000 invoices per month were being distributed, validated and processed.

Contact us to learn more about telecom expense management and how we can help your company take control of Telecom and IT costs.

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Written by Martin Sommer

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