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Eggs in a basket…

Posted by Patricia Turchyn | February 16, 2012 9:33 AM

Choosing One Provider, or More?

Choosing Carriers

As a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Project Manager, clients usually ask my opinion on which provider to choose, who offers the best deals and equipment. Working for a TEM company – I am naturally neutral regarding providers. Yes, equipment-wise, I have my favorites - which, incidentally, change as fast as the new “toys” are released on the market. Regarding costs, I see some excellent corporate contracts, good ones and really awful ones. Contract negotiation is one aspect of “eggs-in-a-basket” to be covered in another blog.

The big question: should you put all your proverbial “eggs” into one basket or spread them evenly between providers? Some people say that it depends on where your employees are actually using their phones – in the city? In the mountains? In remote areas? Overseas? Honestly, in all but very few remote locations, the coverage is about the same. Yes, some providers thrive in certain areas, and lack in others, but basically, the country is covered end-to-end.

So how do we decide which provider to go with?

Answer: know your business! Knowing your people, usage, current inventory and current contracted rate plans will give you more than enough information to decide.

“How am I supposed to know all this information” you ask? Go through the detailed billing of each one of your users, make a spreadsheet of who has what, who is using what options, and list the current providers by using some creative excel macros to see where to spend your company money.

Ummmm…. NO. Don`t do this, or you’ll end up with a massive migraine or in the loony-bin!

The correct answer is to use your Telecom Expense Management software! A good TEM will give you all the answers you need – in minutes. Actually, if you are using a good TEM software on a regular basis, you will never need to ask yourself the “eggs-in-a-basket” question because you’ll know your people, their usage habits, your current contracted rates and current equipment trends in a snap! 

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Written by Patricia Turchyn

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