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The Corporate-Liable Policy

Posted by Patricia Turchyn | January 27, 2012 1:01 PM
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Controlling Corporate PDAs

A few years ago, mobile device choice in the workplace was a no-brainer: a cell phone is a cell phone. The costs are the same, they all have the same basic functions, and corporate information security was not even related.

Today, with the immense selection of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) such as Blackberrys, iPhones, Adroid and Windows devices, corporations are struggling with device allocation, security and mobile-related policies. Not only are there voice plans to deal with, but now there are data plans, text messaging plans, voice mail plans, and basically any other plan you can think of!

Question 1:

True or False? Does more options for users = more cost for corporations

A business phone is a business phone. Some employees choose to have their personal lives separate from the corporate life by carrying 2 devices.  However, they are the minority. Companies would love to believe that their corporately-supplied phones are only used for business but alas, that is not the reality. 

Question 2:

“How do you control company telecom costs and make the employees (who must carry company phones) happy?”

A step-by-step process of standardizing corporate liable mobile devices:

  • Make a list of your corporate providers, noting their basic monthly voice and data rates.
  • Check out what types of devices they offer – note this on your list as well.
  • Do your research! Take note of product specifications and look for consumer reviews and ratings.
  • Testing - testing and more testing! The only way to ensure a device fits your corporate security requirements is to give them a try.  Get some IT employees involved – who wouldn’t be interested in trying out the latest device?

Once you’ve negotiated a corporate rate with one, two (or even three providers) and you’ve narrowed it down to couple of devices, you are 50% done with the Corporate-Liable.

Now that I have the plans and devices, how do I monitor and control the usage costs?

This is where the fun part comes in: a TEM! Using a Telecom Expense Management software, you can nip rising costs and employee usage negligence before it gets out of control. Imagine, pulling out the top 50 users for long distance charges for a particular month or being able to know which users travel so you can assign them a particular plan? Or, how about training your users to notify you ahead of time when they will be travelling overseas?  All this is now possible... with the help of a TEM software!

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Topics: Telecom Expense Management, Mobile Devices, Smartphones, PDA

Written by Patricia Turchyn

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