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Stealth Acceptance of Premium Text Message Charges

Posted by Patricia Turchyn | January 20, 2012 8:00 AM

Once Text’ed, TWICE as Mad!

premium sms charges

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Rogers Wireless has recently announced the option of blocking premium text messages but it is an all or nothing deal.  This is a first in Canada, and Cimpl will be watching this development.

But if you are not with Rogers, keep reading…

Have you ever responded to a quiz, a contest for winning an IPAD for example, or have been enticed by a subscription to a daily horoscope or joke of the day? Fool heartedly you provided your cell phone number and agreed to the terms and conditions although you couldn’t possibly read the small print. But you responded “I agree” anyway. And not just once but twice you explicitly agreed to the terms and conditions - right? No one could possibly consume the pages of mumble jumble and legalese that permeates the online consumptive landscape and we have become conditioned to just Accept. After all, we are Canadians and protected from exploitation… or are we?  

The simple act of responding in good faith, can cost you up to $10 per text message as provided by third party companies and this charge could be recurring – daily, weekly, or monthly.  Your wireless service provider collects the fees from you on behalf of the third party provider, and you have no recourse other than to pay and issue a stop text to the third party provider. Your wireless providers offer little sympathy as premium test message add to their revenue stream and they are legal.

The CRTC condones the “selling” of content based SMS and the rules of engagement by the 3rd party provider is voluntary. You must agree to the terms and conditions, not once, but twice.  So how is it that there are so many conscious acts of acceptance and subsequent surprise when the charges start racking up?

Unlike US counterparts, Canadian wireless providers do not offer the option to block premium messages so reviewing your monthly invoice is very important.   One of the key components of any TEM platform for managing wireless services is visibility to the end user. Cimpl has an unparalleled formula for engaging all levels of the enterprise in validating carrier charges.  If you cannot unequivocally confirm the breakdown of charges comprising your monthly corporate invoice you may want to consider Telecom Expense Management software. Many of our clients have been flagged by their own employees that they have been victims of stealth acceptance of premium texts. What other questionable charges make up the total cost of your Telecom costs?

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Written by Patricia Turchyn

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