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Why They Say We're the Best Technology Asset Management Option

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | November 5, 2015 11:30 AM

We’re proud to announce the latest customer to join the Cimpl family. This newest client is among the largest construction firms in Canada. They wanted to get the most business value out of their IT and telecom assets, and so they signed up for our leading wireline and wireless managed services as they considered our solution being the best technology asset management option.

Get the most business value out of IT & telecom assets. 

What is this company’s stock in trade? Well, they primarily provide infrastructure and undertake enormous construction projects for commercial and government interests. The firm also produces construction materials in its facilities all over Canada. Beyond these main lines of business, they also offer services and products in other sectors as well.

To do all this work, the company needs to employ a lot of people, and they do. Our customer has well over 10,000 employees. Inevitably, that means they have a huge volume of IT and telecom in their possession.

That’s why, long before choosing Cimpl’s solutions, they already knew about the importance of IT and telecom expense management (TEM). In fact, they had been with a large TEM provider for the two previous years. The previous providers hadn’t quite fulfilled all their needs. And so, they began their search for someone else to cater to all their IT and telecom expense management needs. Our differentiators stood out quickly.

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1. An amazing company culture

One of the things that jumped out for the customer was our work environment. After a visit to our office, the firm’s representatives noted that our two organizations shared a company culture that focuses on making employees and customers alike happy. This is quite the compliment, since our customer also is an award winning top employer.

2. An effective solution

A further tipping point that led to this company into choosing us was the strength of our Cimpl platform. After a demo, the construction firm saw the cost transparency and clear ROI that our solutions could offer them. They saw the value in using Cimpl and that it was what they needed to drive success through the usage optimization of their IT and telecom assets.

3. Outstanding capabilities

The construction company chose Cimpl with a serious project in mind. They knew that by centralizing the management of their wireline and wireless services, they would get more visibility of the usage and costs. They also wanted their managers to access the information and generate reports regarding these services. Finally, they wanted automated chargebacks, one of the key functions of Cimpl. All of these capabilities are part of the offering, and our customer couldn’t be happier.

We're always improving!

In addition, because we constantly add new features, as the ROI Center which allows users to see ROI in real-time, the construction company will get constant refinements to their management experience. Going forward, there will be no end to this customer’s particular success story.

There’s no end to our series of customer stories either; stayed tuned for more!

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Written by Caroline Le Brun

Having worked in marketing for 16 years, Caroline has significantly improved Cimpl’s online presence and industry recognition as Marketing Director. Working closely with analysts and highly focused on keeping up with IT industry trends, she is most knowledgeable in the realm of technology and IT expense management best practices. As a passionate, driven marketer, she works side by side with her marketing team to bring Cimpl beyond its greatest achievements.

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