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Cimpl Blog

Your Weekly Insights on How to Manage your Enterprise Digital Footprint.

What’s the Difference Between Call Accounting and TEM? 

5 Employees to Consider in Planning your TEM Strategy

How can Payment Readiness Help with Vendor Management?

Shadow IT: how to use it to your company's advantage

Thanks for joining us at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

What is IT Financial Management?

Wireless Expense Management: The Simplified Guide

The Benefits of Combining ITFM and TEM

Upland Cimpl in the Big League - Gartner Symposium 2019

Why Cimpl joined Upland

Get Valuable Insights Into IT Costs and Workflow Improvements

How a Government Agency Gained Visibility with the Help of a TEM Software

How a Company Reaped an ROI of 249% with the Help of Automation

How can a TEM Software can help you know what you didn’t know

How an Airline Company Reaped Savings Using WEM

Top Benefits of Telecom Contract Management

How a Financial Institution Reduced their Overall Telecom Spend By 80%

The Simplified Guide to TEM – Brand New Website Page!

Summer Release: Contract Manager and Discrepancy Tracker Tool

How Choosing the Right TEM Vendor Can Help you Save Time

Cimpl rode on the Big Bike for a 10th consecutive year!

Automate Telecom Inventory and Credit Recovery to Avoid Billing Issues

How a Bank was Able to Reap an ROI of 300% with WEM

Get the Most Out of your Data with Configurable and Graphical Reports

How WEM Brought Savings and a 475% ROI to an Industrial Corporation

Help the CFO with Planning the Future and Making Investment Decisions

Mobility Transformation Insights: a Customer Interview

One Drip at a Time: Leaks in your Telecom Bills can add up faster than you think

A Defined Roadmap: Foundation for Success in Telecom Expense Management

#InnovateForChange: International Women’s Day 2019

Manufacturer Reaps 175% in ROI Savings with Wireless Expense Management

TEM Software: Actionable Data Analytics Fit for the CIO

How to Get Ongoing Value from Your TEM Platform

How Selecting an Evolving TEM Solution is Important for your Company

[VIDEO] 2018 in Review: Thank You

Holiday Wishes from the entire Cimpl Family

Rescuing Telecom RFPs with TEM

Asking the Right Questions in an RFP: Easier Said than Done

Making the Dreaded RFP Process Easier

Make your company’s daily life easier with an integrated ecosystem

Role-Based Access Promotes TEM Outside of the IT Department

Take Back Control of Your MACD Requests

How Can You Fight Shadow IT?

Goodbye Excel, Hello TEM Platform!

Mobility: at the Heart of Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Billing Errors: Are You Safe?

Empowerment: How Employees Can Play a Central Role in TEM

Outsourcing: a good solution for your company?

How to get Scheduled Telecom Reports in your Inbox

Make TEM Your First Line Of Defense

How to Stop Spending for What You're Not Using

IT Cost Optimization: How TEM Can Help You

Does your TEM Software have an Online User Guide?

What Are the Best Practices in TEM?

What is UCC Expense Management?

UCC and Skype for Business: The Changing Lines of Communication in Enterprises

How Did Telecom Expense Management Become Technology Expense Management?

Mobility Automation: How to Get Back Half of Your Time

How to Improve Cost Accountability for Every Business Unit

How Can Usage Transparency Help Manage Money and Operations?

Why Keeping Up With Your Employees' Technology Usage is Key to Digital Transformation

Cimpl Rides the Big Bike Once Again!

Centralizing Communication with your Providers can Help you Manage your Time and Money

Understanding the Ever-Evolving Enterprise Digital Footprint

Why Cost Allocation Matters

All About the Cloud and How TEM Can Help

Is a Multi-Tenant SaaS Solution Right for You?

5 Ways Automation is Changing How You Work

Will Your Organization Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint (EDF)?

4 Reasons to Start Tracking the Employee Digital Trail (EDT)

What is IT Expense Management?

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for your IT and Technology Inventory

How Can TEM Help with Managing Telecom Taxes and Surcharges?

7 Ways to Protect your Data and Manage Security Risks

Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics

Governing the Internet of Things

Why a Future-Focused TEM Solution is Important for Business Evolution

7 Ways to Start Loving Data Analytics

5 Steps to Implementing a Technology Expense Management Solution

What is Wireless Expense Management?

How the Repeal of Net Neutrality Could Impact Businesses

The Growing State of IT

Best Practices for Mobile Phone Roaming

Why Inventory Management Matters

A Look at Cimpl Through 2017

Is Business Process Automation the Way to Go?

3 Impacts of Digital Transformation for CIOs

A Pressing Need to Innovate

Top 5 Dashboard Trends for Telecom Reporting

How to Visualize and Centralize your Data

Can TEM Help Me Manage Skype for Business?

Preparing for the Future of IT and Tech Consumption

How a Financial Services Company Avoided IT and Telecom Overload

To Self-Manage, or to Fully-Manage; that is the Question

Telecom and Wireless Cost Management Bring Savings

Should your Telecom Expense Management Reports be doing more?

How We Helped an Insurance Company Reduce IT and Telecom Costs

Telecom Expense Management's Changing Landscape

Cimpl Included in Gartner's 2017 TEM Market Guide

Cimpl Rides Under The Sun for Big Bike 2017

Will The Recent Mergers and Acquisitions in TEM Affect You?

Why One Company Switched Telecom Expense Management Provider

What is Telecom Expense Management?

How to Differentiate IT Cost Cutting from IT Cost Optimization

Cimpl Goes to the Races

How to Get a Detailed View of IT Expenses – Think Bill of IT

Are you Ready for Telecom Expense Management?

Convince your C-level you need TEM

Are you Ready to go Beyond Telecom Expense Management?

TEM/WEM in one software

RFP Inventory Requirements for TEM

How to keep track of technology in a shared workspace?

Enterprise Mobile Phones – 10 Stats You Should Know

Find your Real TEM-Mate

7 Reasons to Consider Telecom Expense Management

Should I choose a multi-vendor or a single vendor?

8 benefits of using automated systems

EMM vs TEM: Keep Track of these Acronyms

How Cost Management Saved a Metal Manufacturer $80,000

5 Things You Need to Know about ADFS

4 Challenges for the Contemporary CFO

Concerned with IT Spend? 4 Questions you need to ask.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Future Impact on Business

Telecom Expense Management vs Technology Expense Management

Pokémon Go: Using your Mobile to Catch them at all Cost

BYOD: Questions you need to ask

Brexit Crisis: Is It The Only IT Community Disrupter?

Finding the Right Mix Between CYOD and BYOD

Unravelling The Mystery Behind BYOD for Mobility Management

Mid-Year Health Check: Is your IT Budget on Track for 2016?

Is Enterprise Mobility Growth Decreasing?

Can Full Transparency for Enterprise IT Spend be achieved?

Ride Big, Live Big : Cimpl participates in Big Bike 2016

Why Invest in Wireline Expense Management?

What About IT Automation for Telecom and Mobility?

How Does TEM Accommodate Tax Increases

The Benefits of Multi-tenancy to Manage IT & Communication Expenses

What is the Deal with WiFi Calling?

From Big Data to Actionable Data Analytics

5 Points to Consider when Evaluating a TEM Solution Provider

Starting 2016 with a BANG! 15 years and a Name change!

Top 7 Trends for IT in 2016

Are you still using Explorer 8, 9 or 10?

The 101 of Cloud Computing

3 Steps to Fix your Wireless Inventory Management Problems

What's MDM? (VIDEO)

Get Ready to Implement an IT and Telecom Expense Management Solution

What Is the Definition of the Telecom Acronym PRI? (VIDEO)

Technological Innovations Lead to an Impressive Hat-Trick

12 Telecom Acronyms You Need to Know

Why They Say We're the Best Technology Asset Management Option

Reducing Telecom Expenses of Companies in Shared Service Environment

Benefit From Configurable Reports to Analyze Your Telecom Expense

4 Important Things to Know About the Current State of IT

Can Roaming Plans Be Requested on My Mobile Device? (VIDEO)

3 Ways We Helped Energy Companies Save in IT and Telecom (Free eBook)

How Will a North American Single Calling Zone Impact Your Business?

A Canadian Hotel Leader Benefits From Wireline Expense Management

Top 4 Goals to Achieve with Managed Services Experts in IT and Telecom

5 Questions IT Managers Need to Ask About Enterprise Mobility

Why Does the Energy Industry Need IT and Telecom Expense Management Right Now?

Why is Using AngularJS a Best Practice in TEM Software Creation? (VIDEO)

Why Are Premium TEM Softwares Built With HTML5? (VIDEO)

How Will MongoDB Applications Help Me Manage Big Data?

4 Reasons Electronic Invoices Save You Money

3 Indicators You Need to Track for Your Telecom Management ROI

What is TEM and How Will it Help Me Save Money? (VIDEO)

Why the Government Thinks BYOD is Bad for Business

How to Get ROI from TEM Solutions

5 Questions to Evaluate your IT Telecom Costs

Can Software Manage the Big Data of IoT and M2M?

3 Ways to Make Technology Accessible for the Travelling Employee

Will the Mobile Application Drain My Mobile Phone's Battery? (VIDEO)

How to Improve Your Company with Kaizen

Cimpl at La Ronde: Fun under the Sun!

How Many Rules Can I Set to Monitor Mobile Usage? (VIDEO)

Does the Application Still Work on the Smartphone if It's Closed or Deleted?

8 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Usage Trends

Cimpl at the XMANRACE: Mud, scratches, and triumph

How Do I Manage Pooled Data Plans? (VIDEO)

5 Best Practices in IT and Telecom Expense Management

What Can You Do to Save Money on Roaming? (VIDEO)

Why Your Business Needs Information Technology

Linking Mobile Usage Rules to a Particular Device

Why Shadow IT is a Problem That You Can Fix

ServiceNow Integration for Greater Telecom Inventory Accuracy

BigBike: Loving Big For A Sixth Year!

What Groups Should I Create to Sort My Mobile Users? (VIDEO)

4 Tips on Reducing Mobile Data Expenses

#CimplVision: User Sorting

No Limit: Manage All Your Mobile Devices And Users in One Tool (VIDEO)

4 Ways Business IT Builds Your Success

What is the Refresh Frequency of a Mobile Usage Tracking App? (VIDEO)

Prepare Yourself: 10-Fold Growth In Mobile Data Traffic By 2019

3 Big Questions About IT & Telecom Management

Why You Should Care About Chrome Dropping Silverlight Support

How to Overcome Shadow IT

Major Retailer Picks Cimpl to Cut Telecom Costs (and Work Smarter)

2020: 1 Billion TVs on the Web! That's a Huge Integrated Ecosystem

5 Simple but Important Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

What’s Hot: The 5 Most Wanted IT Jobs

Telecom Expense Management Helps Charitable Pharmaceutical Give More

5 Important Things You Need to Know About SaaS

A Titan Deal: Contract Renewal of Telecom Expense Management

Do You Know How Much You're Spending on Roaming?

BIG Fun, BIG impact: BIG BIKE 2015

3 Reasons Why you Need to Attend our Mobile Usage Tracking Webinar

Today’s Tasty News: Giant Food Company Grows Business with Cimpl

Why Attend IAITAM Spring ACE? To Learn the Reward of Self-Serve IT

How Does a Company Go Speed DaTIng?

Top 5 Geek Prank Stories

CimplControl Has Arrived! Take Back Control of Your Shadow IT Assets

5 Things Employees of the Future Expect From a Workplace

Business Automation: 4 Best Ways to Help CIOs Sell Their Vision of IT

12 Telecom Acronyms You Need to Know

We’re Launching CimplControl at CIO Synergy Toronto 2015

The Team is Growing: Meet Our New Experts in Toronto

9 Reasons Why Working at Cimpl is Awesome

New office in Ottawa to build more partnerships with the government

Freak Bug: No Security Risk for Cimpl’s Platforms

For Companies to Win, the CIO Must Partner with other Chief Executives

New Talent at Our Alberta Office

Top Priorities for the 2015 IT Budget

How the Law Can Change the Way You Manage IT and Telecom Assets

16 Tips to Improve Your Passwords and Secure Your IT Assets

A Big City Government Uses Cimpl to Encourage Accountability

6 Key Leadership Virtues You Need to Master in Order to Work Smarter

How to Become an Effective Communicator and a Great Leader

One More Industry Leader Encourages Accountability with Cimpl!

Why you Need to attend the 2015 CIO Canada Summit!

Proposed Bill May Redefine Workplace Transparency for Mobile Phones

Montreal is Encouraging a More Connected Experience for Mobile Phones!

Cimpl Sponsored a JS Montreal Event and Answered, “What is TEM?”

3 Time-Saving Apps You Need for Your Mobile Phones!

3 Ways the Love of Mobile Devices Will Change IT Best Practices

Major Retailer Picks Cimpl to Cut Telecom Costs (and Work Smarter)

The Evolution of “Work smarter”

Robots: Future Business Automation That Will Impact Human Workers

4 Big IT Stories in 2014: Technological Innovations & Security Issues

7 Components of a Successful IT Budget

Another Kind of Mobile Security: 3 Steps to Reduce Distracted Driving

Cimpl is Safe from the Misfortune Cookie Vulnerability!

The Technology Life Cycle and the IT Budget

The Paradigm Shift of the IT Budgets

3 Take Home Benefits of Actionable Data Analytics

Self-serve Asset Management – How to Work Smarter with Social IT

Cimpl is Safe From the Poodlebleed Bug

6 Benefits of the Integrated Ecosystem

4 Benefits of the Employee Digital Trail

Three Business Benefits of Asset Cost Transparency

Cimpl Takes Part in a HubSpot User Event

What is an Asset?

Cimpl is a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500 Company

How Will Wearables Impact Your BYOD Policy and IT Budget?

Personal Devices are Actively Changing Workplace Transparency

Cimpl is Hosting the Next Montreal Hubspot User Event

The World-Changing Impact of Big Data

Cimpl is a Best Small & Medium Employer in Canada Again!

Accountability and IT Budgets in an Age of Increasing IT Debt

Cimpl is Presenting at the IAITAM Fall ACE Conference

The Sigmoid Curve: A Model for Constant Business Growth and Innovation

Deeper Insights on TEM: Valuable Thoughts from LinkedIn Members

Canada’s Cloud Adoption and its Relationship to ITAM

7 Tips to Optimize Your Fall Telecom Inventory Cleanup

How Will Your BYOD Policy be Affected by the Supreme Court?

CRTC: Canadian Telecommunications Industry Shows Huge Growth in 2014

Game Night Just got a Little More Interesting!

Top 3 Things Graduates Love about Working at Cimpl

What is ITSM? An Important Question in IT Asset Management

What Is ITIL And How Can It Help You Work Smarter?

A Satisfied Client's Story: Happy with Cimpl's IT Asset Management

Our Advice on IT Cost Transparency

Dear Customers: Cimpl is not vulnerable to the shellshock bug

Track These Top 5 Items to Control Your Monthly Telecom Expenses

Fun Friday Post: A Different Smartwatch From an Actual Watchmaker!

Seven Keys to Creating High-Quality Software

Enterprise Digital Footprint (Enterprise Asset Management 2.0)

Why Shortcut Keys Should Matter to You!

Awesome New Inventions That Will Make Life More Fun and Exciting

Cost Allocation: An Important Part of Telecom Expense Management

Implementing BYOD? Wait! The courts have something to say!

There Are Some Pretty Serious Security and Cost Issues with BYOD

What is a Bill of IT and Why is it Important?

Don’t Let BYOD Ruin Your Work-Life Balance

Further Concerns about BYOD and Mobile Security

Software Audits: Why You NEED to Care and How to Prepare

8 tips to reduce data consumption

How a Single Bank Saved Hundreds of Thousands in Telecom Expenses

Obsolete Electronic Devices: What to do?

What is Wireless Expense Management (WEM)?

Fly a Lot? You'll be Happy to Read This

What is Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)?

Smartphones become Superphones – The Next Step in Workplace Evolution

Cimpl Braves a Thunderous Storm to Ride the Big Bike for Charity!

Single vendor vs. multi-vendor: 8 factors to consider

The Benefits of Cultural Diversity

8 Practical Advantages of Business Automation

Cimpl Roadmap - Technology Expense Management's Future

A Detailed Primer on Business Process Automation - Part 2

A Detailed Primer on Business Process Automation

Dear Customers: Cimpl not Vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug

The Arguments for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Text Updates Improve the Hospital Waiting Room Experience

Are We Too Connected?

Cimpl Product Roadmap Webinar: News on Trailblazing Asset Management

Binary Watches: Tease Your Brain by Telling the Time!

Canadians’ love of wireless can help your company

Globe & Mail Publishes Cimpl's Tips for Smooth Office Moves!

Is Your Company Ready For Automation?

Cimpl sponsors a fun and meet educational JS-Montreal!

Real-time Mobile Device Management – The Next Big IT Challenge

How to Bring Together the CIO and the CMO

Canadian Mobile Workforce Under the Microscope

CIO Canada Summit: Technology Expense Management Made Great

Chief Data Officer: The Big Data Superhero?

We’ve Moved!

My Online Account Was Hacked

Does Your Business Look Selfie Enough?

3 Selling Points To Support IT Assets Management

Cimpl Receives 2012 Telecom Expense Management Excellence Award

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