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9 Reasons Why Working at Cimpl is Awesome

Posted by Henry Cheang | March 11, 2015 7:00 AM

Yesterday was the International Day of Awesomeness (yes, this exists). To mark the occasion, we’re going to highlight the reasons why working at Cimpl is awesome! Basically, by being an Cimpl employee you'd be answering “yes” to the following questions:

  • Would you like to work in a fun and dynamic work environment?
  • Do you want a job that helps improve your professional skills?
  • Do you want colleagues and supervisors so friendly that you will consider them as extended family?

Read on to find out why!

1. The People

We can’t say it enough – people are at the center of Cimpl’s success. Working at this company means constant interactions with 100 coworkers who come from 29 different countries and speak 22 different languages! This fascinating mix of culture allows everyone to gain a more worldly appreciation because everyone is keen to share their particular story and background.

Technology Asset Management

Needless to say that every lunch break becomes a fun learning opportunity at the company. The cultural diversity is even more enjoyable at our regular international potluck lunches, where everyone brings a meal that’s traditional to their culture to share with others. These lunches are organized by our dear social committee, and it allows us to discover the world outside without actually going outside!

2. Company Culture

When you ask our employees what they like the most about working at here, the company culture will undeniably be one of their first answers. The friendliness of the people, the openness of the management, and the implementation of our core values are all elements that makes us so unique.

Cimpl’s President Christopher Thierry (“Chris” to the employees) makes it his mission to really share his vision with all employees so that everyone is aligned toward creating a safe, nurturing, communicating workplace culture. A daily affirmation of this vision can be found every morning, at the company-wide huddle.

In our morning huddles, every department gives an update on their situation and share their good news or red flags. This technique creates a culture of transparency and collaboration throughout the entire company, which has allowed us to win multiple awards over the years.

3. Training

At Cimpl, participating in training sessions is strongly encouraged because we believe that offering training to our employees will help them grow, both on a personal and professional level. For example, this year some of our developers went through workshops to stay updated on the latest coding techniques (and other skills). They also attended various conferences (such as Confoo), online seminars, and even university classes. On the marketing and sales side, our employees are frequently provided learning opportunities by working with organizations such as Talentuum and Dale Carnegie.  

4. Use of the Latest Technologies

Cimpl is Canada`s leader in IT and telecom expense management. To maintain this standing, we make sure to always use the latest technology to develop our solutions. We constantly review industry practices and new technologies to ensure our work is as efficient and effective as possible. Angular JS, Require JS, Git, Zurb Foundation and Bootstrap are a few examples of the tools we use to achieve quality results.

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5. Making it FUN

How many companies do you know that have a massive multi-thousand square foot employee lounge with video games, foosball tables, a pool table, and a ping pong table to relax? Not too many, I’d bet. Cimpl is a firm believer of the motto: “Work hard, play hard.” Hence, the lounge.

The company truly thinks that to be in our most productive state of mind, we have to stop and have fun once in a while. That is why, in addition to our giant lounge, Etelesolv established a social committee who constantly organizes different activities for all the employees. Big hits from the past year include curling, Laser Quest, and the famous happy hours…

6. Employee Recognition

To be ranked among the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada for a second year in a row is significant, especially considering our continuous growth and our location change. We are recognized by our employees for our leadership, our good organizational practices, and our happy workplace. It’s meaningful because these awards come from truly anonymous surveys filled by all employees. Winning (twice) showcases our continuing commitment in creating an amazing work environment.

7. Absence of Hierarchy

At Cimpl, the supervisors are close to the employees and always have an open door policy.

8. Rapid Growth

Cimpl is expanding. The PROFIT 500 confirms it, and so does Deloitte! Cimpl ranks in the top 50 of Canadian enterprises in growth, and in the top 500 in North America! At Cimpl, we pride ourselves on our growth and our ability to adapt to the growth. It is not always easy, but we welcome both the opportunities and challenges of being a fast-growing company.

9. Our customers’ confidence

We love our customers and our customers love us! This relationship is one of the many reasons why our company is growing so much. We are in daily contact with many of our clients in order to serve their needs and help them control IT and telecom expenses. This client proximity is an integral part of our culture and allows us to constantly improve our product and has a significant impact on our company’s identity. Our customers help us offer a product that is of the highest quality. It’s always a pleasure for us to help them clarify, manage and control their digital enterprise footprint.

Cimpl is the best technology asset management company and it is all thanks to the people working here! Interested in working in such a dynamic company? Don’t wait any longer, join the team now!

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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry is a dedicated technical writer, focused on conducting market research, contributing to product design, and writing clear and concise documentation for the company. He is an enthusiastic team member and is passionate about science and technology, who plays a key role in Cimpl’s product messaging. His dedication to writing is reflected in his experience in authoring academic papers, documentation, user guides, and in contributing to Cimpl’s marketing efforts.

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