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Your Weekly Insights on How to Manage your Enterprise Digital Footprint.

What’s the Difference Between Call Accounting and TEM? 

You must be wondering what Call Accounting is and how it can help you and your organization? Call accounting can be considered the ancestor of telecom expense management. It is used to monitor who made calls, where they made these calls, and how long the calls lasted. But how does call accounting and TEM fit together? This is the 45th reason why you should go beyond telecom expense management.   
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5 Employees to Consider in Planning your TEM Strategy

Company bills and charges for the month that passed have just arrived. Everything looks business as usual until you hover over the section where it mentions the biggest charge among all the other amounts which reads, “Employees’ Technology Expenditure”. You were confused as to how in the world of business did this happen. Well, calme-toi, we all know that this line never appears on our company bills and charges. However, this amount is so spread out, that no one notices how much it contributes to the costs of a company. At the end of the day, employees’ interaction with technology has a risk that might cause your company a good amount of money. 
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How can Payment Readiness Help with Vendor Management?

As a manager working in an organization, you may often ask yourself, how can I manage all my expenses? And more importantly, how can I keep track of every dollar that I spend? There are many good answers to those questions, but today vendor management with the help of Payment Readiness will be the solutions to your problems. Moreover, they are the 97th reason to go beyond Telecom Expense Management! 
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Shadow IT: how to use it to your company's advantage

Late in the evening, you are entering the office. Dripping wet, you hurry toward the elevators as the squeaking of your black boots fill the hall. The elevator doors open . . .ding. . . you hear nothing but the sound of your breathing. Airing a dark over-sized coat just sticks out their hands right before the doors shut close. As the lift moves up, from time to time you catch a glimpse of the person’s face through the elevator’s mirrored walls. A dark coughing mask with a black rose design covers their mouth: Deep black eyes stare back at you. A few seconds passed, yellow lights start flickering, as the lift begins to slow down -- your heartbeat rises. Then you realize where and what in the business world am I reading? For pumpkin’s sake, it’s Halloween!  
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Thanks for joining us at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

In case you missed it, Cimpl had the opportunity to attend the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ and had an amazing time. We got to talk to IT leaders and executives about digital transformation, cost optimization and more!
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What is IT Financial Management?

In the last few years, information technology has greatly expanded and now plays a key role in different types of companies. I could also say that most of today's organizations rely heavily on information technology to properly function. The concept is pretty simple. The world of IT is in constant evolution, so as the need for IT increases, the bigger the budget for IT becomes. And as the budget for IT gets bigger, it becomes more likely that a company could lose sight of their IT investments. Yes indeed. We're talking about data centers, cloud services, IT services and much more. We may not realize it, but the costs are piling up quickly. You may be asking yourself how it is possible to manage all that money. The answer is simple: ITFM. And it is also the 94th reason to go beyond Telecom Expense Management!  
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Wireless Expense Management: The Simplified Guide

You may be asking yourself what is WEM? How can WEM help me and my organization?  Have no fear. Our new website page will guide you through all-you-need to know about WEM and is the 9th reason to go beyond Telecom Expense Management! 
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The Benefits of Combining ITFM and TEM

Several years ago, I met with a CIO from a financial company. During our meeting, he told me that his organization was spending 160 million dollars in communications (IT, technology, and  telecom). Of that total, $16-20 million was spent with zero visibility. They knew they were spending the money, but they had no idea where it was going. They wanted more transparency on costs, and wanted control over their inventory. This is the type of problem that together, ITFM and TEM can help solve.  Combining TEM and ITFM forces is the 91 reason to go beyond telecom expense management. 
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Upland Cimpl in the Big League - Gartner Symposium 2019

on October 1, 2019 4:00 PM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Events Leadership Information Technology (IT)
The IT world is fired up and buzzing about this year’s Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo. Following last year’s hit event, this year’s Symposium, which we call the BIG LEAGUE, is the world’s largest gathering of the most important and influential technology executives and leaders. In this event, the greats of the IT industry will assemble to discuss key topics, including data & analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, culture, customer experience, cybersecurity and more. So when and where; you might ask. Here’s what you need to know: 
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Why Cimpl joined Upland

In case you missed it, Cimpl was recently acquired by Upland Software, a leader in cloud-based enterprise work management software.
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Get Valuable Insights Into IT Costs and Workflow Improvements

on September 18, 2019 4:00 PM By | Caroline Le Brun | 0 Comments | TEM Software IT Service Management (ITSM) Cost Optimization
Gaining valuable insight into IT costs and improving your efficiencies is reason #89 to go beyond Telecom Expense Management. Connecting ServiceNow and Cimpl will give you the best of both worlds – focusing on cost savings and optimization as well as incident handling and tracking.
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How a Government Agency Gained Visibility with the Help of a TEM Software

on September 10, 2019 4:00 PM By | Caroline Le Brun | 0 Comments | Customer Story TEM Software Save Time
Here is how a government agency gained significant visibility over previously unknown telecom costs, while introducing efficient cost allocation.
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