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We Wish You All the Best for the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Posted by Henry Cheang | October 12, 2015 8:00 AM

Here at Cimpl, we are extremely grateful for your support and trust. And we thought that Thanksgiving would be the ideal moment to let you know we cherish your continuous contributions to our growth as a company. 

We also want you to know that your loyalty and the ideas you bring to our company fuel our desire to excel. This is the reason why we will always develop products that will improve your company's processes and bottom line. 

We thank you once again for the faith you have in us.

We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

All the best,

Cimpl's Telecom Expense Management Team



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Topics: Core Values, Company Culture

Written by Henry Cheang

Henry has a lifelong passion for science and technology. This enthusiasm is put to good use in a cutting-edge software company like Cimpl. As product marketer, Henry researches market and user needs to develop user and buyer personas, contributes to product design, and helps coordinate product messaging. Henry also writes nearly the entirety of all documentation for Cimpl’s many successful platforms. In his spare time, Henry devotes much energy to family, friends, and martial arts. Henry recently completed his Master’s in Business and Administration from Concordia University, where he specialized in the study of marketing, organizational behavior, and corporate governance. He has authored academic papers on the latter two subjects; these papers form part of his bibliography of over 20 professional research publications.

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