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Sony unveils 185 terabytes tape storage!

on May 9, 2014 12:00 PM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Big Data Mobile Devices Technology Expense Management Storage tem
Sony absolutely smashes records for data storage Oh, how I do love the march of progress! Sony just unveiled something unbelievable at the International Magnetics Conference in Dresden: A tape that can hold 185 TERABYTES of information in one itty-bitty cassette form factor. The previous record for storage was 29.5GB per square inch. Now, Sony’s tape can hold 145 GB of storage per square inch. That means that you could jam three Blu-ray discs’ worth of data into a single square inch of this tape. Here are some other fun comparisons – one 185 terabyte tape would hold the equivalent of:
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Etelesolv sponsors a fun and meet educational JS-Montreal!

on February 21, 2014 8:00 AM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Company Culture Technology Expense Management tem News
*Please note that Etelesolv changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016. Etelesolv at a JS-Montreal event: A meeting of the minds On Tuesday, February 11, 2014, Etelesolv sponsored a meeting of JS-Montreal, Montreal’s volunteer-run JavaScript User Group. This is a group that has been convening regularly since 2010 to discuss and share knowledge on programming. It also serves as a gathering place where passionate programmers can network with like-minded professionals. Since Etelesolv is full of passionate programmers, it’s little wonder that we sponsored and spoke at a JS-Montreal event!
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CIO Canada Summit: Technology Expense Management Made Great

on February 5, 2014 8:25 AM By | Henry Cheang | 0 Comments | Technology Expense Management tem Software
*Please note that Etelesolv changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016. Etelesolv to Host Roundtable Discussion with CIOs and top IT executives at next week's CIO Summit at the Queen Elizabeth From February 9 to 11, Etelesolv will be attending the at the first-class 4-star Fairmont Queen Elizabeth right here in Montreal. This annual summit is a primary meeting place for technology leaders eager to share their insights on the evolution of IT even as they learn cutting-edge strategies for resolving technology challenges from each other.
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What Information Do You Need to Better Manage Your Fleet of Assets?

Connect All Your Technology Assets in One Cimpl Dashboard IT Managers are dealing with many more devices than they can handle, hence increased security challenges like BYOD debates for example. We are not only talking about phones or laptops here, but licenses, printers, monitors, cameras, tablets, VPN tokens, wireless guests, sharepoint, Citrix access, videoconferencing, servers… Add anything a CIO possibly manages.
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