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ServiceNow Integration for Greater Telecom Inventory Accuracy

Posted by Henry Cheang | June 17, 2015 6:30 AM

A bit of good news for IT managers!

Cimpl software now integrates with ServiceNow!

Cimpl now integrates with ServiceNow!

You just might be wondering: What is ServiceNow?

Well, ServiceNow is one of the biggest providers of IT services for enterprise on the market. So it’s only fitting and natural that we at Cimpl, one of the biggest providers of IT and telecom expense management, have made sure that our solution integrates seamlessly with the ServiceNow platform.

To dig a bit deeper, ServiceNow is a platform-as-as-service company that offers a wide array of products, solutions, and services to a vast range of customers. Among others, ServiceNow helps their customers with:

  • Operations management;
  • Custom app development; and
  • IT service management (ITSM; remember when we spoke about the differences among ITAM, ITSM, and TEM? If not, now’s a good time to refresh your memory).

At least part of ServiceNow’s advantage lies in the fact that it integrates with a large number of third-party solutions. ServiceNow always ensures that its integrations are assessed for interoperability, security, and performance tests.

Having answered those questions, now we turn to the reason(s) why the Cimpl integration is important to you!

ServiceNow enhanced with Cimpl!

The Benefits of Cimpl’s Integration with Servicenow

We obviously excel at telecom and IT expense management. One of the key points in all this is that we constantly and consistently keep inventories up to date for all our customers. By integrating into ServiceNow, we add a high degree of precision specifically for telecom inventory updates to ServiceNow’s offerings.

Users of both Cimpl and ServiceNow will get an enhanced experience in managing their organization’s technology assets. This is because Cimpl’s integration will give ServiceNow:

• Greater telecom inventory accuracy;

• Better automated change management; and

• More workflow opportunities, among other benefits.

Two examples

Here’s an example of what the integration between the two solutions entails. A user requests a telecom service change directly by completing a form in ServiceNow. ServiceNow fills the request with one of its predefined workflows. When the request is fulfilled, ServiceNow confirms any changes in Cimpl’s database using the inventory integration so that users can have constantly updated status on their telecom assets. It’s a smooth and accurate process all around that helps users ensure they’re only paying for what they have.

Alternately, when Cimpl is called upon to do invoice validation for a user, Cimpl triggers cascading workflows to update telecom inventories. ServiceNow users are then automatically alerted to the updates (and/or discrepancies).

Some final words

On their own, ServiceNow and Cimpl are each powerful productivity tools for IT managers and users across the board. Cimpl’s integration with ServiceNow gives users a comprehensive solution to effectively manage telecom and IT services under one umbrella.

This integration is one way that we at Cimpl answer IT managers’ need to have the best telecom and IT service management platforms in a single package. ServiceNow together with Cimpl is one of the most efficient ways for you take control of your telecom assets and IT services so that you can focus on what you do best. Don’t be shy! Check out our brochure or contact us to find out more.


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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry has a lifelong passion for science and technology. This enthusiasm is put to good use in a cutting-edge software company like Cimpl. As product marketer, Henry researches market and user needs to develop user and buyer personas, contributes to product design, and helps coordinate product messaging. Henry also writes nearly the entirety of all documentation for Cimpl’s many successful platforms. In his spare time, Henry devotes much energy to family, friends, and martial arts. Henry recently completed his Master’s in Business and Administration from Concordia University, where he specialized in the study of marketing, organizational behavior, and corporate governance. He has authored academic papers on the latter two subjects; these papers form part of his bibliography of over 20 professional research publications.

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