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Cimpl Will be Attending the CIOSynergy Event in Toronto

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | March 15, 2016


  • The CIOSynergy 2016 takes place in Toronto on March 24th, 2016.
  • Cimpl’s President and AVP of sales will be attending CIOSynergy 2016.
  • The symposium will explore innovations and challenges in enterprise IT.

(MONTREAL, QC – Tuesday, March 15, 2016)– Cimpl, Canada’s leader in telecom, IT and cloud expense management, will attend the next CIOSynergy symposium in Toronto, ON. The event takes place on Thursday March 24th, 2016, from 11am to 7pm. Cimpl’s President, Christopher Thierry, and AVP of sales, Martin Sommer, as well as Nathan Greene, Sales Director, will be representing the company at the event.

Christopher Thierry, President had this to say, “More than ever, shadow IT and decentralized IT budgets are causing serious challenges for CIOs. The need for a centralized repository is now more important than ever, in order to keep cost down and increase operational efficiencies. By using one platform to manage all technology costs and usage, it is now possible to uncover unused services and empower employees to manage what they are using. Cimpl helps manage the costs of services associated with mobility, fixed telecom, cloud, M2M, IT, and UC assets and provide our customers the tools they require to ($) save money, (h) save time and (%) accurately manage their inventory.”

Cimpl believes that communication is key in any industry. It is the reason why the company is sponsoring the CIOSynergy 2016. The event gathers IT leaders from all over the country and allows those leaders to share their business experience among each other. The event will be moderated by Scott Shuster, Consulting Editor for the BusinessWeek and former ABC News correspondent. An expert panel of IT leaders will lead the conversation on IT transformation, management and innovations.

The symposium is a great place to connect with other IT leaders and Cimpl’s team is excited to get the chance to learn new strategies related to enterprise IT and share their own innovations.

About CIOSynergy

CIOSynergy is a platform dedicated to "Thought leadership". Through its multiple events, the organization brings together IT leaders from various industries and allows them to share their knowledge and experience with one another. The events also allow leaders to forge opportunities and partnership in the enterprise IT community. For more information on CIOSynergy, visit the organization’s website.

About Cimpl

With its global coverage, Cimpl is leading the revolution of telecom, IT and cloud expense management by offering corporations a platform-as-a-service and managed services. Cimpl helps control the costs associated with the use of mobile, fixed telecom, cloud applications, M2M, IT, and UC assets. Cimpl has received multiple prestigious awards confirming its status in the industry. With a growth rate of more than 300% in the last five years, its mission is to lead the revolution to manage the enterprise digital footprint. Through the use of Cimpl customers ($) save money, (h) save time and (%) accurately manage their inventory. Visit

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Written by Caroline Le Brun

As a 16-year marketing veteran, Caroline’s experience extends across multiple industries. Since she joined Cimpl, her successful marketing campaigns have increased the company’s online and community presence, in addition to Cimpl’s footprint and appearances in new or traditional media (such as the Globe and Mail). Caroline is a specialist in communication and social media. She works closely with analysts to keep track of and adapt to the trends and changes in the industry of IT: Technology Expense management, IT cost optimization, Technology trends. Her leadership conducts Cimpl’s marketing team toward ever greater achievements. Caroline is also an exemplary citizen. Outside of work, she is involved in TEMIA, the Dorval Day Camp, and other community organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University and a Master Certificate in Integrated online Strategies from the University of San Francisco Intensive Development program.

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