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Cimpl Takes Part in AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Solution Certification

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | January 30, 2018

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Dedicated to IT, telecom, and cloud expense management excellence, Cimpl participates in AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program.

  • Cimpl is recognized as a leading innovative platform for technology expense management.
  • Cimpl provides organizations with a way to take back control of their technology inventory, usage, and costs in one centralized platform.
  • Cimpl is a leading SaaS solution committed to helping businesses manage their Enterprise Digital Footprint.


(MONTREAL, QC – [January 30, 2018]) – Cimpl [], in leading the revolution in IT, telecom, and cloud expense management, proudly announces its participation in AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Solution Certification.

AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Framework aims to standardize enterprise fixed and mobile telecom management.  Vendors align solutions to best practice principles of the framework to support enterprise in their quest to elevate telecom management performance.

The program will entail Cimpl’s alignment of its solution capabilities with the Efficiency First® Framework. In using this methodology, Cimpl will demonstrate their standards for best practices that drive efficiency throughout the mobile and fixed environment.

Cimpl’s decision to partake in the Efficiency First® program reflects dedication to bringing top-tier solutions through innovation and excellence. By offering organizations a way to manage and optimize inventory, costs, usage, and time, while driving efficiency, Cimpl aims to achieve certification by exceeding the Efficiency First® performance requirements.

Upon completion of the certification, Cimpl will be named an Efficiency First® Certified Vendor, a program known for recognizing the positive “impact a vendor has on the efficiency of an enterprise’s fixed and mobile environment.”

“Enterprises recognize the value of implementing IT and telecom solutions that are aligned with telecom management best practices and industry standards.,” said AOTMP SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption, Timothy C. Colwell. “AOTMP is excited to support Cimpl as it works toward validating performance alignment of it’ enterprise digital transformation solutions with Efficiency First® Framework principles required to earn Efficiency First® Solution Certification.”


“Taking part in the Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Program will help validate to the world our commitment to embedding best practices and innovative processes in our solutions”, stated Christopher Thierry, President of Cimpl. “As companies go through digital transformations, the very concept of IT management and what is an asset is shifting. Cimpl’s approach has been to broaden the concepts learnt in telecom lifecycle and expense management and apply them to the complete Enterprise Digital Footprint.”


AOTMP is a global information, research and advisory firm for telecom management best practices and industry standards. We deliver actionable insight, data, and best practices through our Efficiency First® Framework that equip telecom, IT, and mobility leaders and vendors to achieve telecom management industry excellence. For more information, visit

About Cimpl

Cimpl is leading the revolution in managing the Enterprise Digital Footprint and going beyond Telecom Expense Management. Cimpl combines actionable data analytics and automation of everyday processes to ensure that companies know what they have and what their technology costs are at any given time. With a convenient and clear-cut dashboard, information is centralized and accessible through a fully configurable reporting portal. Cimpl is an all-in-one software that fulfills the needs to save time, save money, and keep track of an accurate inventory. Cimpl has earned the distinctions of being a PROFIT 500 company and for 4 consecutive years one of the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada. As AOTMP’s Solution Innovation of the Year Award Winner for 2017, Cimpl is an innovative and transformational Technology Expense Management Solution. For more information, visit our website

Caroline LeBrun
Marketing Director

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Written by Caroline Le Brun

As a 16-year marketing veteran, Caroline’s experience extends across multiple industries. Since she joined Cimpl, her successful marketing campaigns have increased the company’s online and community presence, in addition to Cimpl’s footprint and appearances in new or traditional media (such as the Globe and Mail). Caroline is a specialist in communication and social media. She works closely with analysts to keep track of and adapt to the trends and changes in the industry of IT: Technology Expense management, IT cost optimization, Technology trends. Her leadership conducts Cimpl’s marketing team toward ever greater achievements. Caroline is also an exemplary citizen. Outside of work, she is involved in TEMIA, the Dorval Day Camp, and other community organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University and a Master Certificate in Integrated online Strategies from the University of San Francisco Intensive Development program.

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