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Top 4 Goals to Achieve with Managed Services Experts in IT and Telecom

Posted by Henry Cheang | October 8, 2015 7:00 AM

As the economies of both emerging and developed countries grow, the global demand for energy increases. In order to respond to the rising needs of our population for different energy sources, many energy companies decided to invest in expansion to meet this increasing demand. One of our clients, a global natural gas company who specializes in the creation and sales of equipment for processing and moving natural gas, is no exception. 

Get more visibility overall Telecom inventory with Managed Services

They employ more than 3000 employees who are spread across 300 departments in order to meet the world's gigantic demand for energy. The company may just keep expanding...

So, they will likely get bigger. How will this change the way things work in the company?

Well, it is logical to think that the bigger a company is, the harder it will be to manage its assets, particularly its IT and telecom assets. After all, each department does have a different set of needs and expectations with respect to the technology it uses; there will be different sets of IT at play across different units. However, managing it all doesn’t always have to be hard. At the end of the day, the success of an organization comes down to the quality of its management.

The good news here is that no one has to be alone in addressing this challenging task. If they are equipped with the right tools and guided by expert advice, IT and telecom (technology) expense management (TEM)can be very easy.

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How can TEM be easy?

Fortunately, the energy company realized it had shortcomings in its handling of TEM, and decided to change its situation by choosing Cimpl. They had clear objectives in mind: They wanted to uncover potential saving opportunities and also get more visibility in their overall telecom inventory. They chose to outsource the management of their telecom assets and services to our team of experts specialized in providing telecom managed services . This decision gave the company the resources and the expert assistance they were missing internally. They instantly benefited.   

With our help, they were able to:

  • Reduce the expenses in the IT budget;
  • Enable managers to get better visibility on their telecom assets;
  • Update inventories regularly and accurately;
  • Get a reduction in billing errors.

As for our managed services, a series of periodic tasks were performed. As one can imagine, heavy workloads were taken off the shoulders of this company’s IT department as a result of our assistance. In fact, its employees ended up having more time to accomplish other (and more) tasks while keeping the team the same size. Thanks to our services, this global natural gas company ended up saving over $200,000 in expenses when everything was tallied.

Want to learn more about how we helped this company?

Get a more detailed list of what our IT and telecom managed services include. Also, to get more details behind the savings described in this blog download the full customer story here for free. Overall, to reduce obstacles to your success, all you have to do is to choose the right TEM provider that offers the services most suited to your needs. 

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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry has a lifelong passion for science and technology. This enthusiasm is put to good use in a cutting-edge software company like Cimpl. As product marketer, Henry researches market and user needs to develop user and buyer personas, contributes to product design, and helps coordinate product messaging. Henry also writes nearly the entirety of all documentation for Cimpl’s many successful platforms. In his spare time, Henry devotes much energy to family, friends, and martial arts. Henry recently completed his Master’s in Business and Administration from Concordia University, where he specialized in the study of marketing, organizational behavior, and corporate governance. He has authored academic papers on the latter two subjects; these papers form part of his bibliography of over 20 professional research publications.

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