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Cimpl is Safe From the Poodlebleed Bug

Posted by Henry Cheang | December 4, 2014 7:00 AM

The Poodle or Poodlebleed bug made international news recently. Before we get into the details, it is important for us to inform you that:


Poodlebleed BugVincent Parisien, Cimpl’s Vice-President of Technology, made a statement regarding the Poodlebleed bug and Cimpl’s security-readiness: “I would like to assure all of our loyal customers that the Poodlebleed bug has not been used against them via any of Cimpl’s products and services. We have disabled SSL 3.0 as recommended by industry experts. In order to ensure that we are completely secure, we have tested and inspected all of our operations - and we have confirmed that we are not at risk from the Poodlebleed vulnerability.”

And now, some specifics!



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1) What is the Poodlebleed bug?

The ‘Poodle’ of the Poodlebleed bug stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. It is a vulnerability in SSL 3.0 that allows hackers to decrypt to plaintext of secure connections.

2) What is the scope of the problem?

All browsers that do not support TLS__FALLBACK SCSV are vulnerable to the bug. Current versions of google chrome are the only browser that supports TLS__FALLBACK SCSV It is for this reason that it is recommended that if you are using another browser, you disable SSL 3.0.

Some final words… 

Here at Cimpl, we do our best to stay up to date on current security trends in order to protect ourselves and of course our clients. If you have any questions regarding the bug or regarding our signature product Cimpl we would be happy to answer, just contact us! As Canada’s leader in IT and telecom expense management, we are always available to discuss security issues and help our clients protect themselves.

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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry has a lifelong passion for science and technology. This enthusiasm is put to good use in a cutting-edge software company like Cimpl. As product marketer, Henry researches market and user needs to develop user and buyer personas, contributes to product design, and helps coordinate product messaging. Henry also writes nearly the entirety of all documentation for Cimpl’s many successful platforms. In his spare time, Henry devotes much energy to family, friends, and martial arts. Henry recently completed his Master’s in Business and Administration from Concordia University, where he specialized in the study of marketing, organizational behavior, and corporate governance. He has authored academic papers on the latter two subjects; these papers form part of his bibliography of over 20 professional research publications.

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