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How to Manage the Telecom Cry: "I want!" - "I Need!"

Posted by Chris Thierry | August 31, 2011 9:00 AM

Author: Patricia Turchyn

The Wants and Needs of Telecom Users

If you’ve ever had to manage wireless devices, “I want” and “I need” are probably 2 of the most popular sentences you’ll hear from users.  People tend to think that those who manage wireless devices as their job have it easy. They can play with the latest equipment and, honestly, how hard is it to order a phone?

Putting a smile on Telecom Expense Managers

Truthfully it is difficult to keep track of everyone’s telecom equipment, accessories and numbers. Not to mention when they are eligible for upgrades, how often they “change” equipment because it “broke” or “got wet” and, to top it off, to keep track of all the bodies who email or visit your desk with that goofy “I need a favor” / “You’re a good friend” look on their face almost begging for the latest wireless toy to replace their 6-month “old” one.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually give these people a reason for the “I’m sorry, you’re not eligible for an upgrade yet” and give them the date they will be fully (or partially) eligible?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell these people that, well, they have already had 4 devices in the past 13 months, and you really cannot believe it “broke” after having gotten 2 others wet, and broken a 3rd device.

TeleManager to the Rescue!

All this is possible with TeleManager! Actually, it’s the norm. We insist on everyone being able to have access to as much information as possible and as quickly as possible.  Mobile Device inventory management is just but one aspect of Telemanager. There is also Ordering, Accounts Payable, Invoice Sending, Telecom Managed Services and Call Detail Reporting. 

How many of us would love to be able to pull this type of information in seconds? Doesn’t it put a smile on your face just knowing you CAN control the “I WANTS” and “I NEEDS” of the world?

It puts a smile on my face every time a client realizes he is now empowered and under control! 




Topics: Mobile Devices, Resources, Tips, Wireless Inventory

Written by Chris Thierry

Christopher is the president, founder, visionary, and driving force behind Cimpl, which first started in 2000 as Etelesolv: his goal is to bring holistic enterprise solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, Christopher’s devotion to the well-being of his employees has made Cimpl one of Canada’s Top 50 Employers. He’s also dedicated to giving back to his community, by serving in multiple industry associations. He’s a mentor for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and a member of the Young Presidents' Organization, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the CIO Association of Canada, and the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association. Christopher holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Marketing from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. He is also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Entrepreneur’s Master’s Program – a program specifically designed to optimize the skillsets of founders of high growth companies.

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