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Acrimonious Acronyms that Permeate the Telecom Industry

Posted by Chris Thierry | April 13, 2011 9:30 AM

Acrimonious Acronyms Part 2

Author: Kim Leahy

In my last blog I asked...What comes to mind when you hear the words RESPORG? PIC order? PORT order?

In discussing these terms, it is important to first define LEC, ILEC and CLEC.


There was a time when a carrier had a monopoly over a geographical area –  and they were known as the Local Exchange Carrier or LEC.  The LEC still exists today but technology and government deregulation have given rise to competition and these monopolies for the most part,  are a thing of the past.  

Consequently we now have the CLEC and ILEC  for Competitive and Incumbent.  The CLEC competes with the established carrier for business, the ILEC.  In Western Canada, Bell competes with the established Telus, and the reverse is true in Ontario and Quebec where Bell reigns.

One of the most evident forms of competition is to give a CLEC your organization`s (or residential) toll and toll free business.   This can be accomplished without upsetting your local configuration.  The former is accomplished through a computer programming change;  wheras, the latter may require a physical installation. Not all CLEC`s are prepared to build the infrastructure for local service.

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ResPorg translates as responsible organization and when you move a service such as an 800 or local number you are changing the ResPorg for that service. A  PIC is the process of switching the long distance on a local service to a competitor. Often the CLEC can offer more competitive rates than the ILEC. Now on to Number Porting, it has become more common since the CRTC (Communications, Radio and Television Commission) approved the movement of cellular service numbers from one carrier to another. Some households are using wireless exclusively and porting their home number to a wireless device.

So why acrimonious?  The word means caustic, stinging, or bitter in nature, speech, behaviour, etc.

What occurred to me as I word-smithed this blog is the additional acronyms I was compelled to use and explain to define the original acronym.  Acrimonious only begins to describe the acronyms that permeate the telecom landscape – bitter, caustic and here to stay.

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Written by Chris Thierry

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