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CIO Canada Summit: Technology Expense Management Made Great

Posted by Henry Cheang | February 5, 2014 8:25 AM

*Please note that Etelesolv changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016.

Etelesolv to Host Roundtable Discussion with CIOs and top IT executives at next week's CIO Summit at the Queen Elizabeth

From February 9 to 11, Etelesolv will be attending the at the first-class 4-star Fairmont Queen Elizabeth right here in Montreal. This annual summit is a primary meeting place for technology leaders eager to share their insights on the evolution of IT even as they learn cutting-edge strategies for resolving technology challenges from each other.

CIO Canada Summit

In that vein, Etelesolv won’t just be making an appearance – we will be heard as well! Our unique contribution to this summit will take the form of hosting a round table discussion (especially for CIOs) entitled:

What is the new approach to Technology Expense Management?

The discussion will be chaired by industry veterans Christopher Thierry (@chrisxt007), our President, and Nitin Khatri (@nkhatri), our Vice President of Marketing and Sales. 

They will be highlighting a new reality facing CIOs – fragmented IT budgets within companies. Although Gartner has recently forecast worldwide overall dollar-valued IT spending to grow 3.1% in 2014, actual IT spending within companies will be fractured. In any given firm, we expect that IT departments will be allotted only 20% of IT dollars; other individual business units in the company will have their own IT budget.   

Consequently, the challenge has now become one of joint decision-making; central IT and other business units must mutually agree on how to best devise strategic IT budget management. This is no small task when a company has to juggle limited money with increasingly complex (and ever more expensive) technology. 

CIO Sponsorship Canada

What to expect from the Etelesolv Round Table

Since we’re hosting this discussion, we have a very good idea of the benefits you’ll derive from being part of the Etelesolv round table; participants will discuss and learn 3 Key Takeaways. Notably, you will gain a deeper appreciation on how to: 

  • DELIVER COST AND ASSET INFORMATION to facilitate decisions to meet your local needs

  • EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS to support joint decision-making between IT and other departments

  • VALIDATE SERVICES against business context and to introduce “reuse before re-buy” methodology 

Technology Expense Management is an incredibly powerful driver of growth and value in today's global economy. CIOs (and CDOs, for that matter) are perfectly positioned for a leadership role in guiding ITAM strategies and execution. We just released Cimpl, our latest asset management software to help the CIO and the CDO in this new-found leadership role of asset management. The software aligns with the objectives of the CIO Canada Summit – to deliver world-class solutions and to share knowledge that will reinforce and build the CIO community.

If you’re already slated to attend the summit, we can’t wait to meet you there! And if you haven’t, it’s not too late – you can register here. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from the best minds in the industry and to offer your own brilliant insights!

For more information, please contact Etelesolv here



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Written by Henry Cheang

Henry has a lifelong passion for science and technology. This enthusiasm is put to good use in a cutting-edge software company like Cimpl. As product marketer, Henry researches market and user needs to develop user and buyer personas, contributes to product design, and helps coordinate product messaging. Henry also writes nearly the entirety of all documentation for Cimpl’s many successful platforms. In his spare time, Henry devotes much energy to family, friends, and martial arts. Henry recently completed his Master’s in Business and Administration from Concordia University, where he specialized in the study of marketing, organizational behavior, and corporate governance. He has authored academic papers on the latter two subjects; these papers form part of his bibliography of over 20 professional research publications.

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