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Top Mobile Trends Affecting Your Business

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | October 1, 2013 9:15 AM

Five Mega Tech Trends Impacting IT Departments

The following deck on SlideShare really captivated my attention as a marketer because I need to engage with our audience on all the available platforms but it made me wonder how the IT department leaders are actually working through this. The desk lists 50 Powerful Statistics about Tech trends affecting every business and they are grouped under five areas that has an impact on IT departments of every company: Mobile, Social, Cloud, Apps and Big Data. Vala Afshar really hit the trends that everyone is talking about.

The 5 Categories are:

  1. MOBILE: The mega trend of the 21st century is empowering people via connected mobile devices.
  2. SOCIAL: Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology. @BrianSolis
  3. CLOUD: The personal cloud will gradually replace the PC as the location where individuals keep their personal content. - Gartner
  4. BIG DATA: The real issue is making sense of Big Data and finding patterns in it that help organizations make better business decisions. - Gartner
  5. APPS: The industry will reach its tipping point in the next 12-18 months; pland for corporate app stores need to start today. - IDC

For all of you that are interested in Mobile, IT, Asset Management and Telecom Expense Management - I thought you would like a short summary of the most interesting stats. If you got a few more minutes I highly suggest you got through the complete list, there are 57 slides.

Top Mobile Trends Afecting Your Business

  1. People who use phones and tablets to access the internet will out number those who use PC by 2015.
  2. Over 200 million tablets will be sold in 2013.
  3. Tablet adoption is expected to jump from 51% to 58% within the next 12 - 18 months.
  4. 93% of marketers are using social media for business.
  5. Linkedin is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.
  6. 1/3 IT budgets will be spent on cloud computing in 2013.
  7. Within the next 2 years over half of the capital allocated to IT budgets will be spent on cloud computing.
  8. By the end of 2013 the global cloud market is estimated to reach $131 billion. 
  9. 82% of companies saved money when they moved to the cloud.
  10. IDC forecasts a 44-fold increase in data volumes between 2009 and 2020.
  11. 40% projected growth in global data generated per year vs. 5% growth in global IT spending.
  12. 2.5 billion gigabytes (2.5 exabytes) of data are created every day. That number doubles every month.
  13. More than 1.5 million apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  14. 82 billion apps will be downloaded worldwide in 2013.
  15. By 2017, 25% of enterprises will have an enterprise app store.

50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business from ValaAfshar

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Topics: Big Data, Wireless management, Mobile Devices, Cloud, Apps

Written by Caroline Le Brun

As a 16-year marketing veteran, Caroline’s experience extends across multiple industries. Since she joined Cimpl, her successful marketing campaigns have increased the company’s online and community presence, in addition to Cimpl’s footprint and appearances in new or traditional media (such as the Globe and Mail). Caroline is a specialist in communication and social media. She works closely with analysts to keep track of and adapt to the trends and changes in the industry of IT: Technology Expense management, IT cost optimization, Technology trends. Her leadership conducts Cimpl’s marketing team toward ever greater achievements. Caroline is also an exemplary citizen. Outside of work, she is involved in TEMIA, the Dorval Day Camp, and other community organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University and a Master Certificate in Integrated online Strategies from the University of San Francisco Intensive Development program.

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