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Why Stop Growth for Cost Savings? You Can Have Both!

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | September 24, 2013 8:00 AM

Maintain recurring ROI with A Telecom Expense Management solution

Developing a cost-reduction strategy that maximizes efficiency without compromising growth potential is a tricky proposition, and if it was that obvious, you and everybody else would know it by now! Companies keep seeking growth even though demand to reduce costs has increase as ever before. Well in an ideal world, you would actually like to do both! Well, Telecom Expense Management has proven significant long term benefits for those who have chosen to implement it in the last years.

Did you know?

Cost savingsThe ROI of companies investing in a Telecom Expense Management software extends far beyond identifying billing errors while pursuing audits. The benefits from supporting these systems can be segmented into 3 main self-paying off categories:

  • Connect Information

  • Clarify the Data

  • Control it All

Connect Information

Link large amount of information from systems, workflows, policies and vendors into an all-in-one and easy to use applicationCentralize and automate your Inventory and Service Information to create a culture of IT transparency.

Clarify the Data

Make informed decisions, efficiently and in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard driven application from anywhere at any time. By matching contract terms against billing costs and usage you can recognize discrepancies and identify unused services.

Control it All

With all the information at your fingertips, decision-making becomes simple leaving management teams in complete control of all technology costs and assets. Through automating invoices payments you can reduce administration costs, and avoid late fees all together. You can audit through real-time reporting, identify potentially unauthorized behavior and insure against worst-case scenarios. 

Want to bridge the gap between IT & Finance Department with an all-in-one solution?

Extend your online ordering capabilities to track costs and service needs. Provide end-users with a “bill of IT” so they know what they are using. Companies will now be able to understand their telecom environment and see what they spend, hence manage and update their inventory.

Since employees are empowered to order, update or cancel their services and assets, you keep saving valuable resources and time enforcing governance and employee engagement. It means no more unused services or missing bill, laptop, VPN Token, phone as well as IT licenses or even air cards... You will save in improving procurement efficiency and on expenses from timely payments.

Cimpl's telecom expense management software has proven efficiency in cost savings, so if you want to change the future of your IT and Telecom you should act now! Should you still have pending doubts, this November, Cimpl will introduce the most effective and simple way to manage all IT and telecom expenses.


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Written by Caroline Le Brun

As a 16-year marketing veteran, Caroline’s experience extends across multiple industries. Since she joined Cimpl, her successful marketing campaigns have increased the company’s online and community presence, in addition to Cimpl’s footprint and appearances in new or traditional media (such as the Globe and Mail). Caroline is a specialist in communication and social media. She works closely with analysts to keep track of and adapt to the trends and changes in the industry of IT: Technology Expense management, IT cost optimization, Technology trends. Her leadership conducts Cimpl’s marketing team toward ever greater achievements. Caroline is also an exemplary citizen. Outside of work, she is involved in TEMIA, the Dorval Day Camp, and other community organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University and a Master Certificate in Integrated online Strategies from the University of San Francisco Intensive Development program.

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