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Big Data Experts on Demand and other 2013 Trends

Posted by Caroline Le Brun | February 19, 2013 8:23 AM

Big Data is on the rise… and so is the demand for Big Data experts.

The need for the talent to analyze and track in real-time enterprise’s data has the most impact on transforming businesses. C-level executives identified Big Data as the main driver of impact at 60% and trailing behind was mobility at 40%, Social Media 33% & Cloud computing at 30%. Big Data is also key to some of IDC’s main trending predictions for 2013.

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Here is a quick summary of IDC predictions of top 10 trends for 2013:

1. Mobile will be a balancing act for organizations.

In a nutshell, 2013 will be about better mobile management of BYOD, wireless network speeds, mobile business apps & choosing a platform to support (the race to the top between Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8).

2. Software-as-a-service will see a breakthrough.

SaaS is still growing and taking ground with adoption from 40% of Canadian organizations.  

3. Enterprise Cloud Expertise will be in demand.

Portfolio management will be a key IT skill with the co-existence of private & public clouds, on-premise servers and mobile applications.

4. Hype around big data solutions will continue to be big.

The need to analyze mountains of data just has become more crucial to the success of a company. It is no longer just about static data. Big Data is about the real-time data analysis.

5. There will be a major Canadian data breach in 2013.

Security needs to be holistic as per IDC.

6. Government remodels.

We have seen the Shared Services model come to life and open data movement will happen as part of the “Government-as-a-service” going mobile and in the cloud.

7. Outsourcing continues to roll.

Outsourcing of applications or functions will be selected over traditional deals for server, network or desktop management. It is about business processes, infrastructure and private clouds.

8. Enterprise buying shifts away from IT.

The stat says it all, 30% of technology spend is initiated by departments other than IT.

9. Printer manufacturers expand their horizons.

Looking into rolling workflow, document and processing management into digital.

10. On the consumer side, video goes “over the top”

Video on-demand just keeps on growing and younger viewers not to subscribe to cable TV when they move out of their parents’ home.

In conclusion, I believe this statement is key: “Overall, IDC Canada believes Canadian organizations will continue to see developments around four main technologies that can transform business processes: cloud computing, mobility, big data/analytics and social media.”

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Written by Caroline Le Brun

As a 16-year marketing veteran, Caroline’s experience extends across multiple industries. Since she joined Cimpl, her successful marketing campaigns have increased the company’s online and community presence, in addition to Cimpl’s footprint and appearances in new or traditional media (such as the Globe and Mail). Caroline is a specialist in communication and social media. She works closely with analysts to keep track of and adapt to the trends and changes in the industry of IT: Technology Expense management, IT cost optimization, Technology trends. Her leadership conducts Cimpl’s marketing team toward ever greater achievements. Caroline is also an exemplary citizen. Outside of work, she is involved in TEMIA, the Dorval Day Camp, and other community organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University and a Master Certificate in Integrated online Strategies from the University of San Francisco Intensive Development program.

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