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5 Telecom Mistakes Your Company is Probably Making Right Now! – And One Way to Correct Them..

Posted by Patricia Turchyn | March 28, 2012 3:29 PM

 Common Telecom Mistakes

    1. Not knowing what devices you are paying for
      • Do you actually know what devices your employees are using?
      • Are they on Smartphones (or Superphones), Blackberrys, Iphones, Ipads, Air cards or cell phones?
      • How many do you have of each in your fleet?
    2. Not researching the most productive “work” devices
      • What do your employees use their devices for?
      • Are they doing conference calls? Texting? BBM-ing? Emails? Social Networking? Listening to music?
      • Have you recently polled some employees as to what device would best work for their job?
      • Have you looked at what`s new and exciting in the industry? A new device could boost work-productivity.
  1. Not knowing what features would actually save the company money
    • What are your company trends in long distance charges?
    • What are your text messaging costs on a monthly basis?
    • Who is travelling and being charged high roaming charges?
  1. Negotiating a great contract with wireless providers
    • Is the contract with your wireless provider(s) almost due? NOW is the time to review it – and negotiate a new one.
    • Ever thought of putting together an RFP in order to get the best possible deal out there?
    • Knowing the devices “out-there” as well as what your employees need, and use as features, could actually be a huge cost-savings for your company.
  2. Cost-watching
    • Your bill arrives, you pay it. No questions asked. Well, you do review it…. Briefly. Who has the time?!


How to correct these mistakes?

By using a TEM! Implementing a Telecom Expense Management system in your company is the best way for you to know your fleet and manage your costs. All this information at the tip of your fingers…. How could you not?

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Written by Patricia Turchyn

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