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Chris Thierry

Christopher is the president, founder, visionary, and driving force behind Cimpl, which first started in 2000 as Etelesolv: his goal is to bring holistic enterprise solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, Christopher’s devotion to the well-being of his employees has made Cimpl one of Canada’s Top 50 Employers. He’s also dedicated to giving back to his community, by serving in multiple industry associations. He’s a mentor for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and a member of the Young Presidents' Organization, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the CIO Association of Canada, and the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association. Christopher holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Marketing from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. He is also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Entrepreneur’s Master’s Program – a program specifically designed to optimize the skillsets of founders of high growth companies.

Recent Posts

Will The Recent Mergers and Acquisitions in TEM Affect You?

The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry has reached a crossroad.  Market gorillas are looking to grow, and are doing so through acquisitions and mergers. I would like to raise whether these roll-ups have served their customers as well as it has served their financial backers. Or if the focus really is on building a great company or simply flipping it to the next buyer. By contrast, at Cimpl, we are continuing to invest in creating more value for customers through in-house development, built on the backbone of our already well-established platform.
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How Mobile is your Workforce? Is your Network Ready?

on December 1, 2011 2:00 PM By | Chris Thierry | 1 Comment | Mobile Devices Workforce Network
What does the Mobile Enterprise of the Future look like? Are you ready to support a diverse mobile workforce? How mobile are your employees? Broadsoft released the results of their Broadsoft 2011 Mobile Enterprise of the Future Survey. The results revealed some very interesting statistics about the current mobile trends of the enterprise and where IT leaders think the future rests.
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Have you tried Wi-Fi? It can save you unwanted telecom costs...

on November 24, 2011 8:30 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Wireless management Roaming Wi-Fi
Author: Kim Leahy No Wireless Data Plan? Use WiFi... And I thought I only had to worry about the meaning of BFF, LOL or OMG…… I work in the industry but it still took my children to point out the Wi-Fi option available on the smartphone devices.   Sometimes we get too used to doing things by rote without considering changes around us that are transformational.   We are truly creatures of habit and we adhere to the adage; “ If is isn’t broke don’t touch it.”  But when it comes to technology, if organizations do not constantly review the industry changes that are shaping the way we conduct business, “broke” isn’t the issue, but “going broke” is!
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What Does the CRTC Decision Mean to Telecom Enterprise Clients?

on November 16, 2011 2:00 PM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Telecom Expense Management Audit Usage CRTC
Flat Rates vs Usage Based Billing After a roller coaster ride from internet re-sellers and consumers regarding a Carrier's ability to charge usage, commonly known as usage based billing (UBB), the CRTC have now taken the side of the consumer, or at least for now. They have decided that flat rates will remain in place but will start allowing UBB billing models to exist. The full rulling is now available directly on the CRTC website.
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Cimpl Invests in Developers

on November 10, 2011 9:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Core Values Company Culture Developers
“Developers, developers, developers, developers” Most of you heard the famous chant "Developers, developers, developers, developers". Back in 2006 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer interrupted his speech at a developer's conference with that chant, praising the community of people who are the flesh and blood of the software industry. Mr. Ballmer knows better than anyone else that great people are the key to success.
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Can Anyone Win the Smartphone War? or The Superphone Battle?

on November 8, 2011 2:00 PM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Mobile Devices Smartphones
Superphones: iPhone vs Android... Everyone is convinced that a war exists between Apple’s iPhone and Android phones. Headlines constantly appear exclaiming that one or the other has won based on a selection of recent stats. The truth is, its possible to find an article claiming Apple as the winner or Android as the winner after any quarter. 
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What to Look for in a Telecom Lifecycle Management Solution?

on November 3, 2011 8:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Telecom Lifecycle management TLM
The Power of Managing your Telecom Lifecycle I’ve read several papers on the subject of Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM) and about the demands this has on a company supporting this expense. I came across an old article that I found interesting.  After looking at it briefly I found it funny that although technology has evolved over the years, so has the complexity of it.  I live in a world where devices are supposed to make my business life easier but in a lot of ways it hasn’t.  The complexity of the networks behind these devices is taking a life of their own. What has evolved through this complexity is “How to manage the Telecom Lifecycle?”
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Intimate Look at Cimpl’s Culture

on October 27, 2011 9:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Company Culture
Core Values: Our Lifetime Investment  In the last few years, Cimpl has been on a rapid growth curve with the addition of new clients, partners, and employees.  Aligning all these interests has been an intense sprint in planning, strategizing and focusing efforts in right place, at the right time.
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How to Implement a Telecom Expense Management System?

on October 20, 2011 9:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments |
Fixing the Telecom Expense Management Problem Congratulations!  You’ve recognized that a problem exists –it is brewing, or otherwise throwing flames that need to be tamed. Your prior year’s objective to quantify and qualify your telecom costs has once again gone awry, and that 20% reduction you committed to, up in flames!
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Cimpl’s Top 3 Blog posts of Summer 2011

on September 22, 2011 10:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Acronyms
*Please note that Etelesolv changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016. The top 3 Telecom Expense Management blog posts of the summer by Cimpl Here’s a list of Cimpl’s top blog posts released over the summer. We hope you had a great summer and the chance to soak up the sun. Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on these top 3 picks!
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Look Up!! Wayyyyyy Up! The TEM Cloud-based Exists!

on September 14, 2011 11:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Telecom Expense Management tem Cloud
Author: Patricia Turchyn Cloud-computing Trends In this day and age when cloud computing is the trend, mobile device management is becoming a nightmare, and technology is changing every day, how can a company control what their users are costing them in mobile apps, text messaging, roaming charges, data charges and long distance? Unless your company has an unlimited-everything mobile plan, your answer is below.
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Wireless Billing Multiplied by 1000!

on September 7, 2011 9:00 AM By | Chris Thierry | 0 Comments | Wireless management Roaming
  Is your Workforce Roaming? Roaming costs in Canada are among the most expensive. The pressure is mounting to appease the Canadian client by reducing these charges and to develop a notification system that informs the client when roaming charges apply and when thresholds have been met. Carriers have already bent under the pressure coming from new competition to eliminate or reduce the ubiquitous system access fee (which is never included in the advertised plan). Clients too, have been forced into plans to account for chargeable incoming text messages  especially when it comes to teenage clients. Anyone with a teenager knows how texting has exploded with the youth generation,
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